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This song already grabbed my heart from the very first time i listened Kenny's sweet guitar play, the melody just really hard to forget, and I saw Martin & Marc, Ck and other wonderful remix fill this track with so many colors, I was kind of (Don't Alice Don't , you will step into Kenny melody if you jump in), but tonight I just can't help myself not to jump and jamming with these guys...and I have so so much Funnnn whopeeeeee !


January 29 2016 20:00:38
vraiment super trop bon

January 05 2016 03:41:52
What a so good piece of music there
Everyone is perfect
That sounds !!!

+1 January 09 2016 22:06:53 Tofzegrit aleonz
Thank you brother
September 22 2015 11:50:07
You astonish me each time again concerning your bandwith... your competence seems to be supernatural :)
+1 September 23 2015 00:13:10 heliandros aleonz
hahahha now that is the new kind of lines...which is very cool ! thank you so much Andreas
September 21 2015 08:04:10
Background vocals are so perfect, Alice. Voice solo starting 2:42 is anwesend. I really admire your talent, dear! :)
+1 September 21 2015 13:07:19 Liesching aleonz
Marc, as one of your Big fan of your work, your comment always means so much for me, thank you
September 21 2015 13:50:11 Liesching Liesching
Well deserved, dear :D sorry, I didn´t mean "anwesend", but "AWESOME". German auto correction drives me crazy! :o
September 20 2015 19:30:03
haha, how cute :)
+1 September 21 2015 13:06:07 AKchen aleonz
Thank you so much Akchen!
September 20 2015 19:03:01
you have such a beautiful bell-clear voice, I like as always very good ;o)
+1 September 21 2015 13:05:48 Uloisius aleonz
Thank you very much Ulo! always appreciate your comment :)
September 20 2015 18:14:33
A very nice song with the wonderful voice of Alice. You have the talent to read the song and fill it with very nice vocals. :)
+1 September 21 2015 13:05:15 BassCook aleonz
Holger thank you for your kind compliment, very encouraging , thank you
September 20 2015 15:20:29
wow! Thats another cool track! very good singing Alice!
+1 September 20 2015 18:13:58 Marceys aleonz
Thank you Marc, your keys just like a fully cloud (did I make you look cute with that descriptions ?)
September 20 2015 18:57:53 Marceys Marceys
A full clowd?! Haha, it will start raining than..... :)
September 20 2015 22:44:25 Marceys aleonz
ohhhh typo it's typooooo i wrote fluffy cloud...fluffyyyyy not fullyyyy arghhhhh
September 21 2015 06:56:15 Marceys Marceys
Haha, now I ge it.... Made a typo too.... Clowd=cloud :)
September 21 2015 13:03:00 Marceys aleonz
so we are even now eh :P
September 20 2015 14:34:35
Favorite part 2:42 - HERE WE GO!!
+1 September 20 2015 18:12:46 kennyadry aleonz
That is my fave part hahahha, can imagine the feeling of jamming live with you guys
September 20 2015 14:07:50
wonderful song!
+1 September 20 2015 18:11:42 hurzel aleonz
Vielen Dank Ben !

(How's my German?) hahahha
September 20 2015 22:42:24 hurzel hurzel
Your German is great! Bagaimanakah Melayu saya? (I hope google translate works fine ;))
September 20 2015 22:47:02 hurzel aleonz
hahahah oh yes! that is perfect, do you think I can open a German course here ? LOL....and you can open "bahasa course", and later we make an exchange student, sounds a very awesome plan right Ben!
September 20 2015 23:07:50 hurzel hurzel
it does, though i'd like to be the exchange student myself, so we could finally get together for some live jams... I'd learn some Bahasa to make it happen... ;)
September 20 2015 23:17:30 hurzel aleonz
Now that's really a brilliant Idea! hmmm why I'm not think about this instead of sending other people as an exchange ...hahahah how silly you are alice! ok,,,for now on let's embrace that google translate LOL
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