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I heard this wonderful song from Frank the first time, when I listening to Lenny's excellent drums, and when I'm about to shut down my work, I saw Ben's posted his beautiful bass line, and I thought I should just do it, or I couldn't sleep...
Sorry If i keep posting stuff, just to throw some of idea out from my head before it's overloaded ....

Have a very nice weekend everyone!


June 02 2016 15:01:31
giancacedagiancaceda exelente,,,I like music a lot

September 22 2015 11:42:41
heliandrosheliandros How I love those long holded notes at the end of the passages... it goes through and through, my overtalented dear Alice ;)
+1 September 23 2015 00:14:43 heliandrosaleonz
Today and the next few days I'll be off from this place...and reading all of your comment really give me a very positive energy...thank you very much Andreas
September 20 2015 21:17:34
MarceysMarceys And beautiful again! The breathing is very cool in this song! :)

September 20 2015 20:38:44
pklieschpkliesch What a great melody. Goes right in the heart. Super, Alice :)

September 20 2015 19:27:01
AKchenAKchen dear Alice, I know that 150% ... thank you for this beautiful singing this :)

September 20 2015 19:10:08
UloisiusUloisius perfect vocals, as usual, an extra thumb for the cool lyrics ;o)

September 20 2015 18:30:10
axenvocsaxenvocs beautiful :)

September 20 2015 18:17:14
BassCookBassCook With your voice you can blow away the bad clouds of life. Thank you, Alice :)

September 20 2015 13:49:49
glennpglennp Greay work Alice. Vocals and lyrics. Well done...
+1 September 20 2015 18:01:40 glennpaleonz
Thank you for listening Glenn!
September 20 2015 12:18:25
ivaxivax beautiful,Awesome,Alice you have to fly the senses
+1 September 20 2015 18:01:22 ivaxaleonz
Thank you so much Xavi :) so glad you stopped by
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