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Recorded this back in July and didn't (initially)see Glez Bass's fine addition before posting. Removed that and added to his track. Just got around to editing...sorry about removing the previous (Thanks to those who commented before removal). Great template from Balfo and wonderful singing from Alice. And what can I say for my man GB? The best!


January 01 2016 01:04:51
I'm on 2016 Wade and listening aleonz album . i reconize your play, your solo is fantastic it's become at 2:00 it's realy great until the end.. yé yé yé
+1 January 01 2016 04:15:36 Phénol Wade
Thanks and a great 2016 to you!
September 22 2015 00:35:35
Perfect taste in template/mix choice & perfect taste on added playing but hey what else have you always done but this ?..
Beautiful add & such a cool song, congrats Wade !!

+1 October 06 2015 10:43:14 nuno1959 Wade
Thanks Nuno. Just noticed this from you. Don't know how I miss comments, but it happens. Glad you listened and liked. So much good music here we are really spoiled for choice. The other factor is that I don't want to post too many tracks, even though I certainly like playing with them. Getting very picky about what's posted...maybe one out of 6-8 that I record.
October 06 2015 15:41:32 nuno1959 nuno1959
Missing comments ? Enough to follow 15, 20 people & the uploads become so many, it's nearly impossible to keep track… Thank goodness !! ;)
September 21 2015 01:29:51
fantastic !!
+1 September 21 2015 06:06:13 Psycho Wade
Psycho may man! You're such a great booster for so many people. Thanks once more for the listen and comment.
September 22 2015 01:25:08 Psycho Psycho
I like to listen as much as play. If it boosts folks up a bit, then that's great. Thanks for the kind words my friend !!
September 20 2015 22:57:01
coool song and add from all of you
+1 September 21 2015 06:05:26 earlsteven Wade
You've always been so kind in reviewing my playing. So glad it works for you. I'm actually feeling the need to grow and start expanding the sound and feel...may be a bit rough for a while. Hope you can also enjoy what's coming up soon.
September 20 2015 22:49:10
And now also with one of the coolest saxophone player on earth, thanks Wade for this great enrichment!
+1 September 21 2015 06:03:05 Balfo Wade
OK, you made me blush! "Coolest on earth"? Coolest on my block maybe. Ha!

Glad if it works for you. You're playing is the root of this that made it all possible. I just love the interplay between us in the middle section. Would love to do it live sometime.
September 20 2015 21:58:57
that sweetness so characteristic of you, I love Wade
+1 September 21 2015 21:23:54 ivax Wade
Hey Xavi! Actually I'm trying to get it together to "rough it up" a bit. Watch this space...
September 20 2015 20:33:03
Fits so perfect. Such a smooth and Loungey feeling!!
+1 September 21 2015 05:59:39 pkliesch Wade
Lounge isn't really my style, but glad if it works OK. Working on getting tougher in my approach so that I don't wind up pidgin holing myself by default. Thanks for the listen and comment.
September 20 2015 19:32:51
What a sweet surprise Wade, welcome back to your sax, You really give a sweet sexy touch just like Robjol said, if there is a feeling like something missing from this track it's must have been your sax, and finally you here Ta Raaaa!!! Cling Cling...sweeettt!
+1 September 21 2015 05:57:17 aleonz Wade
Thanks Alice. The idea is to keep it being more of the same. Very glad if this works for you. Very important to me that those who came before are comfortable with what's been added.
September 20 2015 14:39:01
VERY SEXY SAX. Well done and pleasant to listen with a coffee at 8:00 in the morning.
+1 September 21 2015 05:53:19 ROBJOL Wade
Sexy at 8 AM? What's in your coffee? Glad you liked.
September 20 2015 14:38:02
Smooth as silk Wade.
+1 September 21 2015 05:51:45 FrankMil Wade
Maybe it's time for me to rough up the sound a little? Could be a new persona is emerging that rebels against the silk and goes for hemp? Glad you enjoyed though...thanks.

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