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December 17 2015 22:03:27
ivaxivax Fantastic Rob

October 28 2015 18:46:22
jamladyjamlady fantastically beautiful!
+0 October 28 2015 22:46:11 jamladyROBJOL
When I listen to this music, my head goes from right to left...
September 22 2015 08:59:04
AKchenAKchen haha, me too ;) beautiful music
+0 September 22 2015 15:17:54 AKchenROBJOL
Thank you.
How are your ducks?
September 22 2015 01:34:33
PsychoPsycho A beautifully played piece :)

September 21 2015 21:11:08
NeronickNeronick Sounds like a "Liebeserklärung". Don't know the translation...very tender mood.
+0 September 21 2015 22:03:32 NeronickROBJOL
"Declaration of love" in the happy you like it.traduction.
September 21 2015 18:57:55
gnoerrebygnoerreby Something between wistfulness and happiness! Some of the best tunes I listened to in the last months!
+0 September 21 2015 20:44:40 gnoerrebyROBJOL
Very happy you like it. Thanks.
September 21 2015 18:24:33
AnneCozeanAnneCozean Rob - this could not be any more effective if you had a full fledged orchestra behind you. Your ability to find the truth in the music is a wonderful thing. This progression goes straight to my center. So I thank you for THIS song, too. :) I love the Romance in your heart, Brother.
+1 September 21 2015 18:49:29 AnneCozeanROBJOL
Maybe there will be an orchestra behind me. (I hope so)
Thank you for your kind words Sister.
September 21 2015 16:13:43
FishinmissioFishinmissio Very relaxing and well play'ed. :)
+0 September 21 2015 16:16:50 FishinmissioROBJOL
Thank you friend. It could be a nice song to listen to, drinking a beer when the fish won't bite
September 21 2015 08:27:26
MarianneMarianne Leaning against an old oak tree, puffs of white cloud traveling across the steel blue sky, joining the sun's patient rays, leaving the lush green meadows looking all mottled, but forever young on this special Summer's day. We sat here once, you leaning against that old oak tree, cradling my head in your warm lap, my mood dizzy with the scent of jasmine and honey all around us. You fed me freshly picked golden green grapes, and I kept stroking your long chestnut colored locks, dreaming dreams that will forever sing in my heart, and my guitar asking I wonder why you left.
+0 September 21 2015 16:21:11 MarianneROBJOL
Beautiful poem. I really love when you give me your feelings on my music.
September 22 2015 00:25:59 MarianneMarianne
Thank you so much! And I love how your music inspires me, always hoping it will resonate with you and your deeply heartfelt song!
September 21 2015 08:13:30
UloisiusUloisius as always with you, just beautiful Robert ;o)
+0 September 21 2015 16:21:43 UloisiusROBJOL
Thank you Ulo. Happy you like it.

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