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Got a new guitar yesterday following an awesome weekend of the coolest guitar playing I'll ever hear in such a short period of time. Needless to say, I'm ready to jam and try it my new addition!

Been wanting to work on this track for a while. They made the greatest metal/rock jam track yore gonna find!


July 02 2017 21:40:08
great ;)
+1 July 05 2017 03:59:54 abuitremorem Haffast
Just bought a new guitar the day before. Needed to take it for a spin..
April 22 2017 16:04:23
Solo is just gorgeous !!!!

November 15 2016 02:00:08
francisco alfrancisco al
bom trabalho, Haffast. muito bom, ficou legal
+1 November 15 2016 02:54:29 francisco al Haffast
Thank you SO MUCH! :D :)
November 19 2016 15:34:27 francisco al Haffast
Thank you SO MUCH! :D
January 24 2016 02:06:26
Super - really quite outstanding - you are a fantastic guitar player, Haf.
+1 January 24 2016 02:11:40 Midoru Haffast
Thank you SO much! This is definitely one of my better ones.

I'm really glad you like it! :)
October 05 2015 22:40:12
Your best track in my opinion added to my to do list I was thinking some synth
+1 October 06 2015 02:03:49 Wikimark Haffast
Really? Think so?

That's AWESOME! Thank you so much Mark! Much appreciated! This one has grown on me in the last couple weeks! I'd love to hear your synth on top of this one! Always tasteful and fitting additions!
October 06 2015 04:43:12 Wikimark Wikimark
Yep remix in the works
October 06 2015 05:05:16 Wikimark Haffast
SWEET!!!! :)
September 26 2015 23:11:10
Your just to good...You gotta be stopped! lol Like the solo's they sound a little Malmsteen because of the harmonic minor type scales. I mean that in a good way. Great playin as always.
+1 September 27 2015 00:54:28 Acousticeg Haffast
While I feel dirty even acknowledging a compliment related to Yngwie, I have spent years and years trying to learn his music - with very very little luck. ;)

But, that is exactly where I learned and got more comfortable with the harmonic minor scale. Good ear, good sir! And thank you VERY much! :)
September 22 2015 19:46:31
Excellent add Haf, super cool tone & such cool lines !!
+1 September 23 2015 04:41:26 nuno1959 Haffast
Thanks a lot Nuno! Much appreciated and glad you liked it!
September 22 2015 04:30:34
Bleeding fingers!:D Great!
+1 September 22 2015 14:49:45 akethesnaker Haffast
Thanks Åke! No blood, but they are pretty sore from spending the day breaking in my new guitar!
September 22 2015 01:03:42
Great sounds and superb style Haff... who do you see/hear... MAB :)
+1 September 22 2015 01:37:24 Psycho Haffast
Buran is the resident MAB guy, for my money. But thanks Psycho! Much appreciated! I'm digging this new guitar! Need to set it up properly at some point though...
September 21 2015 21:31:00
Very good performance on a beautiful track. I like the tone, with also a little bit of flanger. Just for my curiosity: what about the guitar model you used?
+1 September 21 2015 22:40:32 Buran70 Haffast
Thanks! The guitar is an Ibanez RG5EX1 (my first with a locking tremolo)

I ran through a few different effects/amp/distortion combinations on my pedal for this.

I had a better idea in my head,to try to make the two parts sounds very different (minor for one, harmonic minor for the other), but eventually just wanted to get finished and didn't try as hard. :) ;)
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