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Fabulous template transformed into a fabulous song by Alice. Put my pop sensibility hat on and backed it with an up-beat kind of feel.


No reverb on HD drums.


September 23 2015 15:43:11
MarceysMarceys This is excellent drumming man! Great feel for the track!
+1 September 27 2015 06:12:24 Marceysmpointon
Thank you, Marc. It's exactly what I aimed for: to play a what is a great pop song.
September 23 2015 04:17:48
mpointonmpointon For me, this is when the 'Loops shines. This isn't a loop, it's a song fit for the charts and it's my utter, utter pleasure to have a go on it. I love this place and the sheer amount of talent just amazes me.

It's always a joy, never a chore. Every day a new challenge and, of those challenges, it's trying to play yet fit in to a good song which I enjoy the most. Because it's, in reality, my place; to keep time.

As my drum teacher told me: if you can play a whole gig and no-one notices you, then you've done the job properly. In a pop context, that is what you're there to do and it's where I'm actually at my happiest.

September 22 2015 19:42:55
nuno1959nuno1959 Someone's been busy !? Good, excellent busy that is.. ;)

September 22 2015 09:03:26
AKchenAKchen so fitting to this beautiful song, well done :)

September 22 2015 01:04:34
PsychoPsycho Great play Sir !!

September 22 2015 00:55:28
aleonzaleonz I've been wondering where you are Martin....and I've got this wonderful answer by listening your excellent drums give just the right element for this song...thank you Martin
+1 September 22 2015 13:15:09 aleonzmpointon
Thanks, Alice :) I've been busy the last few days with my daughter's 18th Birthday so haven't got much else done.
September 23 2015 00:15:40 aleonzaleonz
Happy belated birthday wishes to your daughter Martin, just so happy to see you around
September 23 2015 03:52:39 aleonzmpointon
:) On listening back, the drumming could've been more together in a few places. Time for a remix I think! This is a fabulous song :)
September 23 2015 04:13:35 aleonzmpointon
And thank you, Alice. I'll pass on your good wishes. She got a car for her birthday (she passed her driving test recently) and the damn insurance was nearly as much as the car! Ouch!
September 23 2015 05:35:51 aleonzaleonz
If you want another can adopt me Martin :p
September 23 2015 05:38:44 aleonzmpointon
Sing me some more of your fabulous songs and I'm all ears :p
September 30 2015 07:48:43 aleonzaleonz
oh really...ok..i will starting to count from now LOL
September 21 2015 22:50:04
MarceysMarceys Wow! Thats great man!

September 21 2015 22:47:10
TofzegritTofzegrit Yeahhh ! I love this song !

September 21 2015 21:31:32
WadeWade Goldilocks factor...just right.

September 21 2015 20:23:04
CKArmstrongCKArmstrong Brilliant pop drive my friend. Great work :)
+1 September 23 2015 03:58:16 CKArmstrongmpointon
Thanks, CK! Your bass playing, as ever, utterly nailed it and directed exactly what I needed to play.
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