The Teardrops Of Sadness

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cody tripp

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January 12 2016 20:07:58
AcousticegAcousticeg Awesome!

September 22 2015 22:39:46
nuno1959nuno1959 Nice one Cody, does you Colt handle still have space for more notches ? ;)

September 22 2015 22:38:45
WadeWade Very Eastern European Classical feel on this one. A sadness that you're born to and can't escape.

September 22 2015 18:40:05
LieschingLiesching Wonderful template. I love it and I love Tof´s guitar treat of this gem. Excellent, Mr. Tripp!

September 22 2015 17:55:43
sheltonshelton Love your works :)

September 22 2015 09:58:26
frankyguitarfrankyguitar Great work, fantastic composed and arranged cody!!!

September 22 2015 09:57:40
ivaxivax fantastic Cody

September 22 2015 08:06:35
MishteriaMishteria Sooooo nice !!!

September 22 2015 04:58:26
MarianneMarianne Unbelievably sad and yet so magnificently uplifting as I listen to your incredible talent to make music of any kind! BRAVO, Tom! :)

He beat his chest time and time again, his fists a crimson red from the effort to forget, forever to forget her smile on her pale lips, as she desperately tried to form words of forgiveness mingled with tears falling in deep sadness upon his feet. He screamed into the ice cold night, cursed the frozen sky as he fell across her body, sobbing his own tears which would forever run down his ashen face.

September 22 2015 04:33:38
garymcmillgarymcmill Sadly Beautiful.


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  2. In His Presence

    cody tripp
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  3. Soulmates

    cody tripp
    by cody tripp
  4. Is It Over

    cody tripp
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  5. The Depth Of Sadness

    cody tripp
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  6. When Our Eyes Met

    cody tripp
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  7. Two Hearts As One

    cody tripp
    by cody tripp
  8. Lonely And Deserted

    cody tripp
    by cody tripp
  9. Bitter Sweet

    by cspike92
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