Wacka Dugga-Dugga

Remix step #3 (playing)


mpointon482 jams Supporter
+ 21
What a fantastic template from Kenny! Kind of like some unholy alliance of Eye Of The Tiger being covered by U2 on acid. Then CK came along with his trademark precision and cemented its rock credentials.

This is a rare event for me: I actually bothered to rig up my double pedal. My double bass drum play is pretty poor as I so rarely do it, mostly because it messes with the position of my hi-hat and snare drum stand! As a consequence, it's certainly not like Mike Portnoy's doing the job.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy. It's all a bit over-the-top but what the hell :) Was mixed on my headphones rather than my normal rig so the mix may not be up to scratch.

HD drums have no reverb.


February 03 2016 20:50:33
Hey... sounds great... I've downloaded the whole mix... ^^

September 25 2015 21:25:00
Eh, eh.. Love what you've done to the place Martin !! :D
Totally cool drumming, a great mix...

September 23 2015 15:47:16
Thats a great description for this track! You nailed it again!

September 23 2015 04:55:36
Lenny CowlerLenny Cowler
+1 September 23 2015 05:29:22 Lenny Cowler mpointon
Thank you, Lenny :) Will you have a go? I'd love to hear your double bass drum on this!
September 23 2015 00:37:01
Fine job Sir, that double pedal seems to be right on !!
+1 September 23 2015 04:33:11 Psycho mpointon
Thank you, Psycho! It's not my forte - there are guys here (Shumdrummer, AusMusic and Lenny spring to mind) who can run rings round me on that front and I hope they do!

I'm nearly always playing on the edge of what I can do because it's no fun otherwise!
September 22 2015 22:45:42
Good have a track that shows off what you can do. Plenty of challenge in this...and so well met.
+1 September 23 2015 03:41:27 Wade mpointon
Thank you, Wade. You feedback is always so constructive and I utterly appreciate it.
September 22 2015 20:47:22
Perfect track! Great Martin!

September 22 2015 19:11:57
Very clean! Love the sound of your kit!
+1 September 23 2015 06:07:47 Jedi_Knight mpointon
Thank you. I felt the kit was too 'tame' after listening back. I fed the whole kit mix to a mutliband compressor and it I thought it took some of the 'bite' from it. I'm so pleased you like it!
September 22 2015 18:54:56
This is way CRAZY!!! 1:02 and 2:30 - is double kicking some butts!
3:13 - I hear some snair crying for help for taking a lot of beating!!
This is way too much goodness coming from you man! I've thought about mixing a U2 the edge guitar style but I really haven't thought about the eye of the tiger thing and I just realized yeah! It really sounded similar :)

+2 September 23 2015 03:42:54 kennyadry mpointon
Thanks, Kenny. I kinda went a bit nuts. I couldn't decide whether to go with all the phrasing or leave it. It was very much all or nothing! CK's incredibly precise bass add suggested to just get all rock on its ass. So I did.

Superb template! Thank you! :)
September 22 2015 18:12:45
At your usual high standards! :) Perfect, Martin.

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