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This piano template by Marc is absolutely stunning & i just wanted to play with this I kept it simple to leave room for further adds ? Hint, hint… Loved doing this jam, a real delight, hope you guys like it !


I'm not hearing the issues Kimbo and MasterK mention but I'm on in-ear headphones which are pretty tolerant of high levels. Looking at your waveform, there are some pretty heavy peaks which perhaps those with better gear than me are hearing issues.

Anyway, as to your performance: fantastic as always. You are, to me, a unique bass player full of melody and ideas - desperate to break the shackles of conventional bass playing. And it's always wonderful, interesting and an adventure in melody and chords from an instrument I don't normally associate with such things.

I love Marc's playing. I love your playing. But Marc's wonderfully human adds are too fluid for me to come with drums for. I hate me for it, but I'd rather not add than make a mess for the sake of playing on it.
September 23 2015 03:29:16
nuno1959 Thanks for your compliment AND input Martin, i really appreciate it !
I'm curious if what they're hearing isn't the actual FX i have going on it's made of 2 pitch shifters ( -1octave on one & a 5th above the other ) then 2 delays at 30 & 50 ms + slight modulation.
This produces a chord sound out of each string & since i'm playing in chords it sounds REALLY full & as if overdriven/distorted..
Then on top of that i'm using a Leslie speaker effect, but very slight
I'll have to listen tomorrow on my speakers !! :|
Simple is perfect and less is so much more on this.... Marcs fabulous and emotional feel music takes very thoughful approaching to add on ..very accomplished by you Nuno my friend Fantastic :)+2
September 24 2015 14:28:47
nuno1959 Thanks PJ, glad you enjoyed it but.. the more i listen, the more i wish i had done a few things differently, oh well.. i guess that's what learning is ! +1
nice.. but distortion is still there mate+1
September 23 2015 02:45:39
nuno1959 Thanks &.. that's weird, it sounds clean here to me ?
I'm recording & mixing on headphones or my ears are cooked ? a distinct possibility.. :|
September 23 2015 08:27:35
kimbo It's on the attack of each note......noisy gate maybe? +1
September 23 2015 16:09:09
nuno1959 Listened to it through my speakers now & yes, definitely, there's a ''dzzzt'' type of noise here & there all over the track, damn it !
Time to figuring out what did i do to cause this.. :|
September 24 2015 10:31:48
kimbo If you're running compression...pit soft knee limiting on. It should stop the peak of the attack overloading and distorting without being too noticeable.
Hard knee might be a bit brutal.
Like the idea,
but about 5:00 it starts pulsing. Don't know if that is what you wanted?
But again, not judging the song for that, just thought you might want to know from another..
Like the sounds together.
Keep up the cool work ! :)
September 23 2015 03:15:43
nuno1959 I added a slight Leslie effect, could that be what you're hearing ?
Thanks for your comment MK, i'm glad you had fun listening ;)
This is really cool !!!!+1
September 23 2015 03:16:10
nuno1959 Thanks Cody, appreciated ! +1
Just to clarify, NOT judge :)
What I am hearing is about 4:39 and past, is.. Like a downward expander. The sound is being squished, even the piano.
And it's on beat, like every 1st meassure. I didn't witness any distortion.
Again bud, I am not bashing it at all, as I said you may have been going for that effect. I love your work.
And have listened 3 times now, because I am enjoying it. :)
Just my tryin' to help..
Peace ~MK
September 23 2015 03:31:15
nuno1959 Yes please, i love hearing what others are experiencing on the other end so to speak - only that way can one make necessary adjustments & progress !! ;) ;)
Many thanks MK
This is a beautiful add Nuno :) I too look forward to your unique interpretations via the bass. Another fantastic example of the Nuno sound ! :)+1
September 23 2015 04:50:23
nuno1959 Glad you enjoyed it Rob, thanks.
How do you hear it on your end ? ;)
September 23 2015 08:20:29
RobM Sounded good to me, no distortion or nasties :) +0
September 23 2015 04:50:40
nuno1959 Appreciated ZZ ! ;) +1
This great my friend! Marc's beautiful template is something that would really think someone twice to color it! And u here put a magnanimously colorful bass playing. I am with martin here, and I'm using a not so professional type head phone so i am not hearing any peaks. But if there is, i believe it can be less noticed by someone like me :)+1
September 23 2015 23:46:45
nuno1959 Thank you very much Kenny, glad you enjoyed it !! ;)
It was a bit frustrating, it's such a gorgeous template & to make it justice i wanted to be able to give it so much more..
Unfortunately i never manage to ''translate'' what i imagine/hum along into my playing ! :|
Real smart playing Nuno.+1
September 23 2015 23:40:07
nuno1959 Thank you very much RP ! ;) +0
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