return to the velvet sun

Remix step #2 (playing)


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Poor Frank...... he creates this superb music only to have me come along and experiment all over it!!!
Loved Lenny ad DS's very fine versions but just could not resist giving it a go too!
Probably getting pretty sick of my relentless cowbell and OTT use reverb/echo by I will be giving evryone a break for a couple of weeks as I am off to Portugal...I will miss you all greatly though :)
Cheers Frank for another fun jam


August 11 2016 03:50:48
jamladyjamlady very cool!
+1 August 11 2016 14:02:24 jamladyPJE
Thank you so much :)
September 27 2015 09:21:08
GirardGirard Ok compadre, I see you have no remixes. I'll try to fix that. Great sounding cymbals in the lead in. Cowbell, ride together, ride flourish. MY GOODNESS, sorry I can't wait downloading now.
+1 October 15 2015 18:19:13 GirardPJE
So glad I found this at last and sorry for delay G my friend :)
October 15 2015 18:34:00 GirardGirard
No prob I knew you were on vacation!
September 25 2015 19:35:46
nuno1959nuno1959 Very cool add PJ, worked out great !!
Good vibes bro.. ;)

+1 September 25 2015 20:04:05 nuno1959PJE
Hey nuno my friend I really appreciate your listen and feedback this is a real compliment from you bro thank you :)
September 24 2015 23:21:54
abuitremoremabuitremorem great :)
+1 September 25 2015 01:25:42 abuitremoremPJE
thank you so much abu my friend :)
September 24 2015 20:22:06
sheltonshelton Great! -and what everyone! said :)
+1 September 24 2015 20:26:45 sheltonPJE
Psychic my friend just listening to your latest and love it
Cheers shelton my man :)
September 24 2015 17:48:33
BalfoBalfo If you can call something as art then this, very good PJE!
+1 September 24 2015 18:19:00 BalfoPJE
Vielen Dank Balfo i am very appreciative of your really top compliment my friend:D :)
September 24 2015 15:56:06
Lenny CowlerLenny Cowler perfect colleague:)
+1 September 24 2015 16:26:26 Lenny CowlerPJE
Cheers Lenny thats great from you thank you and your version is awesome my friend:)
September 24 2015 12:23:43
ivaxivax Fantastic PJ
+1 September 24 2015 14:08:18 ivaxPJE
Hi ivax many thanks my friend for this great compliment:)
September 24 2015 10:33:54
frankyguitarfrankyguitar Absolut fantastic, your ear and skills are really great!! That's the shortest 04:12 that I ever have listen!! And I agree with with Frank! I Love this one!! :)
+1 September 24 2015 12:05:39 frankyguitarPJE
Hey franky my super friend how are you?:)
You are always so very kind to listen and give such positive feedback and I am very lucky for Franks wonderful music and to have such a friend as you...thank you so much :);)
September 24 2015 09:50:41
fannefanne great add PJE!
+1 September 24 2015 12:02:04 fannePJE
hi john really do appreciate this compl;iment from you my friend thank you :)

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