rain over sydney tonight

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experimenting with mic technique more than anything here and I didn't play to click so time is all over the place.

would love to hear some quiet sounds over this: tablas, viola, double bass bowed, flute...
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musing, quiet, tabla, sydney


The beauty of your acoustic playing and tone is beyond words. It transcends to the deepest part of the soul. It represents the things that human being may want to long for. It's longing for freedom, that has been held since it's existence. This should be enough to make someone's tears drop of it's eyes...Thank you for this music. Thank you..+2
December 02 2015 20:53:07
FrankMil Wow. I am blown away by your comment. Thank you so much kennyadry +1
This is cool Frank, i like the different channel in each ear. And beautiful playing !!!+1
September 24 2015 12:03:22
FrankMil thanks Rob, I appreciate your listen and fine words. +0
beautiful,great your play+1
September 24 2015 12:05:22
FrankMil thanks Ivax +0
very nice my friend:)+1
This is such a lovely soothing sound just right for the end of the day.+1
September 25 2015 07:24:19
FrankMil Please add +1
September 25 2015 07:47:12
Wade OK, am downloading...won't promise anything though as I'm a greedy little piggy and have hundreds of downloads. currently just trying to get my chops back together after a one month vacation overseas. Will do what I can.

September 25 2015 11:44:03
FrankMil No pressure Wade. Seriously +3
September 25 2015 21:16:22
Wade Done. +2
September 25 2015 23:22:53
FrankMil Awesome job Wade, thanks buddy +1
September 25 2015 23:33:21
Wade Maybe you'll get a few more adds? Such a fine feel in this one. +0
Very nice :)+1
Wonderful, Frank.+1
Beautiful guitar Frank :)+1
December 02 2015 21:08:17
FrankMil Thank you Pete +0
Magic in the making+1
Really nice guitar!!! ;)+1

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