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I would say that this is an act of bravery. Marc's composition has always been a beauty to my ears, and more often than not, I don't want to add a guitar to it for being scared that it may ruin Marc's gorgeous piano. But they say conquer your fears. So now I am trying to conquer it. And I really intended to keep on soloing over here, because I wanted to express myself as I play over Marc's track. Cheers,..I am totally open for criticism!


November 28 2015 09:26:15
frenziefrenzie Wow again super playing love your melody lines man, it's a familything just like your uncle great talent! :)
you made this beautiful track shine with beatiful colours :)

October 20 2015 03:00:17
piperpiper All I can say is wow! :) love it~
+1 October 28 2015 05:53:01 piperkennyadry
Thank u Piper!
October 02 2015 07:19:44
FrankieJFrankieJ Nice

September 30 2015 07:38:35
aleonzaleonz I know it will be great so I put my thumb before i listened to your add, and just close my eyes, and enjoying this musical journey from you and Marc, and suddenly your solo came in and strike out my heart, what a wonderful killer solo Kenny!

September 27 2015 12:48:00
jjdfjjdf WOWOW…Very nice guitar.... great sound that fits superb into spirit of the theme… I do like it a lot!!!! well done!!!! :)
+2 September 28 2015 00:25:42 jjdfkennyadry
Thank u jjdf! :) i appreciate it a lot!
September 27 2015 05:33:58
akethesnakerakethesnaker Fine playing!
+1 September 28 2015 00:23:44 akethesnakerkennyadry
Thank u Ake!
September 26 2015 15:22:17
LieschingLiesching Can´t stop listening to your E-solo. It is breath taking. You know 2:51 is a STROKE OF GENIUS !!
+1 September 26 2015 16:41:16 Lieschingkennyadry
I am so honored for that Marc. Your shift to a different key in that part paved way for making that note sounds right, the chord progression was technical but very sweet! Your the real genius when u did that! :)
September 25 2015 20:00:20
aduadu Kenny, this is so great and i hear a lot of feelings in your playing! Many thanks for sharing this beautiful Guitar! :)
+1 September 25 2015 21:25:48 adukennyadry
Thanks a lot Adu! Nice to know u like it :)
September 25 2015 19:23:25
PJEPJE You totally enrich this magnificent music kenny my friend and that is simply all there is to it :)
+1 September 25 2015 21:25:01 PJEkennyadry
Thank u PJ! Just heard ur track! Awesome!
September 25 2015 18:16:49
ÁdámÁdám oops... another buddy to follow on WL!
+1 September 25 2015 21:35:02 Ádámkennyadry
Thanks for coming by Adam!

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