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The feeling and emotion these superb musicians and my fine friends Marc & Kenny have put into this music is absolutely glorious to me, I hope my very basic drumming does not detract from their wonderful track. I will run away on my travels now and hope you will still be speaking and jamming with me if/when I come back from Portugal :) Thank you both so much Best Peter
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Marc, kenny


This is totally awesome PJ! I love the tst tst tsttst beat :) and the change of mood as the solo approaches, the sound shift of your drum tone was extraordinary, steady and supportive beat yet the groove is totally present. Awesomeny friend!+2
September 25 2015 21:50:28
PJE Hi kenny you and Marc are the awesome ones my friend I cannot express well enough with words the feelings you both inspire so hopefully my drums do the talking - such a privilage to be part of this music with you both thank you :) +1
this is wonderful PJ,good job+1
September 25 2015 20:17:47
PJE Hi ivax you are so very kind to listen and say my friend I am so delighted you like thank you :) +0
Wow Peter ! The mechanics is sure and works as a clock... Marc's track takes varied and interesting colors. Your addition on Kenny is an excellent idea my friend ! Bravo :)+1
September 25 2015 20:21:37
PJE Hey titi this means a great deal to me from you I think I am very lucky to have these fine friends to jam with and such fine friends to listen thank you my super friend :) +1
Unbelievable how the piece is growing! And in the middle, Peter, with his great drums. I love it. All together, great performance! :)+1
September 25 2015 20:26:32
PJE adu my friend what a wonderful compliment to place me in the middle with these 2 very fine guys I am so very pleased to hear this from you danke sehr adu :):) +1
Peter, your drumming essential and accurate in this beautiful song is not a defect but a GREAT value that enhances it. I really like the overall result!! :) :)+1
September 25 2015 20:30:56
PJE You know how much your opinion means to me Stef and this is so great of you to say I am very touched by your kindness thank you my friend :):) +1
This Template is a absolut HAMMER ;o)
Supercool Drum add PJE ;o)
September 25 2015 20:33:27
PJE Hey Ulo now this compliment from you (Mr supercool himself!!) really makes my day thank you so much my friend :) +1
what a wonderful combination of three gifted musicians+1
September 25 2015 20:35:46
PJE I am very moved by this most wonderful commplment thank you indeed:) +0
Lucky travels, Peter...you left a great piece of music on your drums. Perfect rhythm, expression and feeling... we'll hear us soon, I hope, my dear friend+1
September 25 2015 21:45:12
PJE Thank you my dear friend Andreas I will miss everyone so much as I think I have have found a part of heaven here amongst all my great friends and their wonderful music :) +0
Very fine Peter! I think some times is less more! I hope you understand what I mean. Think it's a German quotation..... :)+1
September 25 2015 21:47:33
PJE My dear friend franky I do understand and so do you..... always -I really am very lucky to know you and will miss you very much when I am away
thank you :)
Steady as a rock peter! hats off! not easy in a slow tempo.hope you go to the south of Portugal, the right season to go there, you find yourself there in the middle of summer :)+1
September 25 2015 21:59:16
PJE Thank you so much john and yes I am going to Luz de Tavira a...I will drink a large glass of Alentajo red to you and your wonderful music my friend :) +0
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