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The feeling and emotion these superb musicians and my fine friends Marc & Kenny have put into this music is absolutely glorious to me, I hope my very basic drumming does not detract from their wonderful track.
I will run away on my travels now and hope you will still be speaking and jamming with me if/when I come back from Portugal :)
Thank you both so much
Best Peter


October 24 2016 01:16:03
love it

September 27 2015 17:30:10
Lenny CowlerLenny Cowler
+1 October 16 2015 17:29:17 Lenny Cowler PJE
Cheres bro and sorry repy is delayed I was on holiday :)
September 27 2015 12:41:41
Very nice drumming … So much class that fulfill in a superb way these beautiful piece of music …. !!! Congratulations!!!! PJE :)
+1 October 16 2015 17:28:35 jjdf PJE
Many thanks JJ very kind of you to say so:)
September 27 2015 09:40:24
A dignified rendition, fine sir.
+1 October 16 2015 17:28:07 Girard PJE
So kind G thank you buddy:)
October 16 2015 17:54:32 Girard Girard
Fist bump and secret overcomplicated handshake!
October 16 2015 18:18:51 Girard PJE
Hail fellow member of the highly secret "Thrice-Puissant", Order :)
October 16 2015 18:33:25 Girard Girard
ALL hail!
September 27 2015 05:33:10
Fine drumming!
+1 October 16 2015 17:27:43 akethesnaker PJE
my thanks indeed ake my friend and sorry its a late reply...vacation and all that :)
September 26 2015 11:16:38
YES Peter! I´ll have a nice vinho verde this eve while listening to this outstanding drummin track of yours! Thanks a lot for joining us, my friend :) Have a nice stay in Portugal!
+1 September 26 2015 16:11:10 Liesching PJE
Thank YOU Marc for always such wonderful inspiration and your kind wishes. I will toast you with a large Alentajo red my fine friend :)
September 26 2015 00:54:47
Great!! job PJ :) :)
+1 September 26 2015 11:04:23 shelton PJE
Cheers shelton and can't wait to see what ingenuous music you cook up while I'm away my friend:)
September 26 2015 16:18:38 shelton shelton
Hope you have a great! trip PJE :)
September 25 2015 22:51:48
super - love it. Wish you a good time in Portugal :)
+1 September 26 2015 11:01:39 abuitremorem PJE
So kind of you abu thank you my friend:)
September 25 2015 22:29:53
With precision and finesse! Have a good time Peter!
+1 September 26 2015 11:00:24 Relativity PJE
Thank you so much Joe look forward to vatching up soon my friend:)
September 25 2015 21:54:06
Steady as a rock peter! hats off! not easy in a slow tempo.hope you go to the south of Portugal, the right season to go there, you find yourself there in the middle of summer :)
+1 September 25 2015 21:59:16 fanne PJE
Thank you so much john and yes I am going to Luz de Tavira a...I will drink a large glass of Alentajo red to you and your wonderful music my friend :)
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