a tear drops journey

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A tear of joy of course it is :)


Wow, such an emotional piece... I just woke up and want to go back to dream land... what a talent !!+4
September 26 2015 14:29:37
Liesching So are you. :) Thanks a lot, Psy! +1
I could listen to anything you've created for hours and hours and just feel my soul being enlightened for having done it.

From the simplest, heartfelt lines, to the most complex pieces that you play, every second of your work drops with emotion and inspiration Marc. Amazing! :)
September 26 2015 16:25:24
Liesching Wow! Such a compliment by a great musician like you. Thanks H! +1
September 26 2015 16:29:18
Haffast Such a well deserved compliment! +2
It makes me so happy when you get to your keys Dear Marc. You can just hear your soul smile when you play. Whether your melody is beautiful or beautifully sad, you shine through, my friend. An honour to listen to you and know you here at the Loops! Thank you for playing for us all. You touch so many hearts with those fingertips! :)+3
September 26 2015 16:26:31
Liesching Shyly grateful for your kind compliment, Dear! :) +1
You must be channeling old masters of the romantic era - or you are one of them B)
Pure Beauty. I cannot imagine anything to add.
September 26 2015 21:08:28
Liesching Thanks a lot, Lutz. True! I am addicted to Chopin :) +0
It is not often that a piece will evoke so many different emotions in me. Beautiful!+3
September 27 2015 20:12:09
Liesching Thanks so much for this great compliment, Frankie! :) Appreciated! +1
You have this ability to transcend the pain and sorrow of this cruel world and remind people of the beauty that still exists. Your music is a true blessing Marc and I thank you so very deeply for sharing it with us ..... For reminding us of the beauty, the joy and love that still remains+2
September 26 2015 16:29:25
Liesching Blushed. :) Thanks a ton, dear Rob! +1
masterful sensitive playing ! i so love the colors and breathing ... personally i wouldnt add nothing to it : it's just beautiful as is :)+2
September 26 2015 16:30:53
Liesching Très gentil. Merci bien, mon ami! :) +1
September 26 2015 16:32:46
OliVBee once again i can hear Chopin and Schumann in your playing : very romantic :) +1
September 26 2015 18:20:57
Liesching C`est vrais! Chopin is an alltime genius to me, his music is timeless! +1
September 26 2015 18:25:37
OliVBee 200% agree ! i also looooove the wonderful minimalism of Satie (another style) ;) +2
What a privilege we have here in wikiloops to have a master of melodies. Something which we can only find in a very expensive classical concert, but here you are freely sharing this heavenly music extravagantly. This piece of piano here is giving us constant joy. Thank u Marc, thank u!+2
September 26 2015 17:12:20
Liesching I thank YOU, Kenny. Worth nothing without sharing it with friends at the loops :) +0
There are no words in my vocabulary to describe the beauty of this !!! Love it !! Playlisted+2
September 26 2015 17:15:33
Liesching Thanks Mr. Tripp! I really appreciate your listen. :) +1
you amaze us!
and we know how lucky we are to get a front row seat to your sound here. i'm taking this to my ancient mother - she will appreciate the throwback to another era - when the world was a kinder, gentler, more romantic place. thank you for taking us there, Marc. we are blessed.
September 26 2015 21:10:22
Liesching Thanks a bunch, dear. I am the lucky one having you for a listen, Anne :) +1

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