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Remix step #3 (playing)


TeeGee280 jams Supporter
+ 15
I was looking for a cool track to practice some solos, so I took this and laid down some rhythm. It wasn't supposed to be for uploading but it is actually quite fun to jam along it, so I thought what the heck - here it is. I also uploaded the single track just in case someone wants to mix it in with his solo, or chop it up for something. All is ok. Love and peace, TG


September 27 2015 16:15:23
nice accents, cool strat licks :-)

September 27 2015 11:52:52
absoluter Knaller ;o)
+1 September 27 2015 12:24:23 Uloisius TeeGee
Tja...dann lass es krachen :D
September 27 2015 10:22:46
Very cool TG, great sound, nice and open
+1 September 27 2015 12:23:29 jmrukkers TeeGee
Thanks Joe :)
September 27 2015 04:43:26
Some really nice spaces in here. Superb riffs but, please don't take this personally, the spaces are just as good and important! Great add! You added power but didn't take over the track!
+1 September 27 2015 10:26:00 mpointon TeeGee
You are absolutely correct, spaces are so important. I always try to leave spaces and gaps, although we guitarist are known to take over a song with 4 minutes of wailing guitars. Got to fight the urges :)
September 27 2015 02:28:10
really nice counterpoint between guitar and bass and cool riffs - completes the jam, thanks!
+1 September 27 2015 10:22:12 bhunt1 TeeGee
Thanks! You know I am a fan of your bass playing!
September 27 2015 14:21:17 bhunt1 bhunt1
Thanks TG :)
September 27 2015 01:36:31
That's fantastic! Cool riff and a really superb sound! Ich finds total geil! :)
+1 September 27 2015 10:27:18 frankyguitar TeeGee
Thanks Franky. You know it was Vox who made me do it :D
September 27 2015 01:21:27
You rock TG!!

September 27 2015 01:06:28
Good one TG like it

September 26 2015 22:55:11
Cool riff TG... Anne is right, what you did is not easy, as you probably already know :)
+1 September 26 2015 23:37:02 Psycho TeeGee
Thanks P, much appreciated!
September 26 2015 21:46:51
this kind of collab really amazes me.
the fact that bhunt1 can devise a bass line from irlenn's percussion knocks me out.
and that you can take that sonic skeleton and do this is so cool. swell texture to your guitar's voice - and i totally dig the way you attack those strings, you savage, you. i enjoyed your jam!

+5 September 26 2015 22:00:37 AnneCozean TeeGee
Thank you Anne :) Glad you liked it. P.S. it's been a while since I've been called a savage by a beautiful lady :D :D :D
September 27 2015 02:29:25 AnneCozean bhunt1
Thank you Anne - and you are right the synergy on the loops is amazing - I think we feed off each other's creativity
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