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Open to anything! Love Bass, drums, keys, etc. People who know me know I can't play "clean" anything very well, or for very long. I thought this was pretty, has potential. Obviously, I have recorded metal guitars ;) but I'm not uploading them, I'd love to see someone else do something with this first. It was short, so I doubled it. (A bit rough in places)
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I know what you`re talking about with that clean sound:D This is honestly not so easy to play:)+1
September 29 2015 13:14:43
Haffast Thanks Åke! I appreciate that. Maybe, some day, I won't be so sloppy. ;) +0
Aaron- very cool of you to try something new. Sounds like a really neat little riff! :) Awesome little melody you got going there.+1
September 30 2015 00:12:23
Haffast Thanks Kelly! I the right hands, it could be badass... Maybe it'll happen.

Or I'll just mess with it more. Lol
very cool :)+1
September 28 2015 22:32:53
Haffast Thank you very much! :) +0
I like this cool melody!+1
September 28 2015 15:38:21
Haffast Thanks a lot Piper! Glad you liked it. :) +0
Lenny Cowler
September 28 2015 06:35:21
Lenny Cowler
Haffast Thanks a lot Lenny! Glad you liked it! :) +1
Playlisted lets have some fun+1
September 28 2015 04:47:18
Haffast Sounds great! It's 60bpm, and it's pretty spot on with that timing. I'd thought about making up a drum track, but I know too many on here who are WAY better.

Like you. :)
September 28 2015 04:52:42
Wikimark Thanks, I will give it a shot🔈 +1
September 28 2015 05:35:25
Haffast Just another reason why you're awesome! :) +0
Wicked cool :)+1
September 28 2015 04:45:43
Haffast Thanks man! Really appreciate that! This kind of creativity REALLY isn't my thing. Or accuracy. ;) +0
Well done Haff... Not perfectly clean but pretty damn good !!+1
September 28 2015 02:01:02
Haffast Thanks Psycho! This REALLY isn't my forte! But I'd love to hear some work be done top it by the more talented people on here. ;) +1
September 28 2015 02:48:31
Psycho Ya got me beat when it comes to the acoustic picking thing... I know of three or four great pickers here !! +0
Very cool change for you Haff :) This is really nice mate, may need to try something with this :)+1
September 28 2015 01:59:40
Haffast Please do! I'd be honored if you did! Thank you by the way. :) +0
Cool melody. Very Glad that you Are open to trying other styles and techniques. I still like to sit and play little melodies like this. It really helped me a lot. It improves your picking precision by leaps and bounds, you'll notice this after a picking work out on acoustic and then switching to electric. I almost always play acoustic first before I play my electric. You soon learn the tonal aspects and the limitations of each are as different as night and day. Each has their own soul.+2
September 28 2015 01:58:54
Haffast Well, to be fair, it wasn't an acoustic. I have one, but it really sucks. That's as close as I'll get top one.

I'm a really sloppy player, so I still have a lot to learn though I don't know if I'll try. ;)

This was one take, the first I recorded, so I guess that's really good for me.

Thanks though! I still can't wait to record some decent leads over it! :D
September 28 2015 02:50:51
Acousticeg I knew it wasn't acoustic. But was hinting at the advantages of playing both acoustic and electric guitars. Try doing this same piece on acoustic and you will find that it is even harder to articulate the notes. In other words playing acoustic I believe helps you to be even better on electric. And open's a whole new world of perspectives in the way you compose. +1
September 28 2015 03:35:57
Haffast This it's very true. And I appreciate the tip! I don't have buying a new acoustic on my to do list any time soon, but maybe some day. For now, I'm half interested in some cleaner tones. Just for a nice change. And it would help me get better, for sure +1

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