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cody tripp1310 jams Supporter
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allgirl297 jams
+ 11
thank you Tom for this beautiful track. we so enjoyed working with it.


October 18 2015 20:54:29
You have a very dominant tone that would be great for narrative style vocals🎧

September 29 2015 18:18:53
again just wonderful!
+1 September 30 2015 04:47:54 jamlady Marianne
Thank you so much, Klaudia! Such a treat you keep enjoying allgirl's songs, albeit with Tom's wondrously melancholic tune I couldn't resist!
September 29 2015 15:37:06
awesome my dear girls :)
+1 September 30 2015 04:44:36 AKchen Marianne
Wow...such a generous response! Thank you, Andrea! :)
September 29 2015 03:18:18
Your voice is just made for this. So lovely, your tone and delivery are so emotional. Can I download your voice to my GPS, Cell phone, and anything else that I want to really enjoy listening to? Beautiful! ;) :)
+1 September 29 2015 10:45:41 KellsBells Marianne
Of course, you may, Kelly! I'm chuffed you enjoy my voice THAT much! It's Paidra who matches my lyrics to the music, and Tom's song so inspired me for them! Thank you for your enthusiastic listening! :)
September 29 2015 14:44:54 KellsBells Girard
Seriously, if I could have Marianne be the voice on my Google Maps, i'd be delighted. I'd love to hear her say "Your destination will be on the right"
September 30 2015 04:43:45 KellsBells Marianne
Oh my, what about if I said: "How come you need me to direct you, Girard?" LOL. Naw, I happily tell you go left...even if I should have said 'right'! :)
September 30 2015 04:44:56 KellsBells Girard
LOL you took advantage of me in my vulnerable position of having admitted I needed directions. So now the downcast comes and you kick me while i'm down! Oh the drama! :D :D
September 30 2015 04:49:36 KellsBells Marianne
Oh no...how could I be so cruel! Be a man, my man and you'll forget about me in no time! LOL :)
September 30 2015 04:59:50 KellsBells Girard
September 30 2015 05:04:55 KellsBells Marianne
October 18 2015 03:25:01 KellsBells allgirl
i once heard that you should never hit a man when he's down. kick him, it's a lot easier.
October 18 2015 03:35:58 KellsBells Girard
September 29 2015 01:14:12
What compliment can I give you? I really look forward to these. They are unique and the spoken word is one of the most terrible or most beautiful sounds.
+1 September 29 2015 10:46:39 Relativity Marianne
Oh my, thank you so very much, Relativity! We so enjoy your enthusiasm! :)
September 28 2015 23:55:30
cody trippcody tripp
Fantastic !!
+1 September 29 2015 10:47:17 cody tripp Marianne
So pleased you like the vocal add to your most beautiful song, Tom! :)
September 28 2015 23:34:48
Incredibly powerful and a perfect match to Cody's music !
Great work and collaboration Ladies :)

+1 September 29 2015 10:48:20 RobM Marianne
Thank you, Rob, for your generous response to our inspiration to cody's amazing song! :)
September 28 2015 23:09:09
Always good messages I find in your work... :)
+1 September 29 2015 10:49:16 Psycho Marianne
What a lovely response from you, Psycho! So lovely to know that you are happy to return to listen to ALLGIRL! :)
September 29 2015 14:43:09 Psycho Girard
All caps, and in 3rd person. WELL DONE!
September 28 2015 22:41:35
Super moving and powerful.
+1 September 29 2015 10:49:46 Girard Marianne
Thank you so much, Girard, for your moving response! :)
September 29 2015 13:23:57 Girard Girard

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