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I Listened to Pat's beautiful and I thought I already downloaded to give it a try, but the last few weeks my brain kind of overload of a lot of stuff, I've been a bit off from space cos I just moved in to our new house whoopeeeee ! and 1st thing to set up is my little playground...and when Martin gave me his track number, I just feel so excited to try out how this new set up work (double whoopeeee)! this track from Patrick & Martin it just so irresistible.

Thank youuuu and whoopeeee again !

I missed this place a lot, and will get away to slowly catch up with all of the wonderful music here ASAP!


October 29 2015 00:13:12
So beautiful voice ... this song is awesome...Alice! Congrats ;)
+1 October 29 2015 09:37:55 jjdf aleonz
Thank you so much JJ, so happy you like it
October 28 2015 22:20:02
I start everyday on my knees!;)...this song you sing Al!...tells me why!:D

Beautiful performance:):)

+1 October 29 2015 09:37:33 incivanpico aleonz
Thank you very much incivanpico
October 06 2015 16:32:58
I so love your songs, Al! Another gem.
+2 October 07 2015 04:42:11 Liesching aleonz
Thank you so much Marc!
September 30 2015 18:32:42
I missed this one. I like your backings. Very nice Song :)
+1 October 01 2015 00:43:10 adu aleonz
Hi Adu! thank you so much :)
September 30 2015 08:24:11
Very nice Alice. so much feeling.
+1 October 07 2015 04:42:27 FrankieJ aleonz
Thank you so much Frankie!
September 30 2015 03:21:53
Oh alice! We missed you and your beautiful voice also! And thank u for coming back with a great song adding to patrick wonderful template and Martin's drums!
+2 October 07 2015 04:43:14 kennyadry aleonz
Thank you very much Brother! this song from Patrick and Martin's excellent drums really hard to resist!
September 30 2015 02:02:40
Well this first song in the new house promises a bright following for sure !!
All the best in this next stage of your lives Alice ;)

+1 October 07 2015 04:43:56 nuno1959 aleonz
Thank you for the compliment and for the wishes, it's kinda give some new feelin to sing in this new place Nuno :)
September 29 2015 23:43:15
Wish you all the best in your new House, Alice! So good to have you back! And WOW! So cool vocals on this. Have to Thank Martin for he pointed you to our template. :) :)
+2 October 07 2015 04:47:29 pkliesch aleonz
Thank you for the wishes Patrick, It's been a very tough year, and this house already became my dream house for years, everytime I saw it i just say it in my heart that it will be mine one day...and it's really a wonderful feeling to finally get the key hahahaha and this is just a perfect song to let all my feeling out , so glad you like it!
September 29 2015 22:26:25
cool one Alice!In the great tradition off the 80ties ballads with a big orchestration
+1 October 07 2015 04:47:51 fanne aleonz
Thank you so much John!
September 29 2015 21:25:20
Good to hear you and your joyful sound again. We are so fortunate to have you here.
+2 October 07 2015 04:48:10 Wade aleonz
That is so sweet Wade! thank you :)
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