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First off, I apologise. I went *way* over the top relative to the guitar line but an opportunity to [try and] impersonate Stewart Copeland is too good to be missed. Frank has nailed Andy Summers' DNA in his guitar parts so I did what any self-respecting drummer should do: go nuts. I think the drums were smoking by the end of the take. I'm hoping if others add, it won't sound quite so over-the-top.

It's a bit messy in places - Stewart's precise but punky style of playing is very hard to do well. So I did my best.


No reverb on the HD drum mix.


October 03 2016 21:57:29
merseybeatmerseybeat Hi -Im new to this-how do i get back to just the original drum track??
+1 October 03 2016 22:22:38 merseybeatmpointon
Hi Merseybeat - glad you like the track. This track has an 'HD' option - click the 'Download' link and you'll see 'Drums by mpointon' as an option. Click on that and you'll get just the drum track.

Not everyone uploads an 'HD' track but if you see that on the download button, then it'll be available.

Welcome to the 'Loops. :)
August 05 2016 18:18:00
frankyguitarfrankyguitar Excellent Martin!! Very cool:)

July 06 2016 22:21:10
PoowkiePoowkie Message in a bottle; only better :)
(In this arrangement can used in restaurants :) )

April 24 2016 13:52:09
serioussseriouss you did very well

October 01 2015 08:17:37
BigDaddyCeeBigDaddyCee Sting by himself or with the Police are eternal favs for this put a smile on my face and dancing in my feet....excellent work Martin!

September 30 2015 06:37:24
aleonzaleonz Police? Sting? ah Martin this drums just so perfect to my ears, love what you're doing on this track very much!

September 30 2015 02:11:32
nuno1959nuno1959 ''..Andy Summers' DNA..'' ? Spot on !!
Great drive you gave this, as for capturing the DNA
hey.. you nailed it as well & it's still you playing...
The best of both worlds !! ;)

September 29 2015 23:56:31
pklieschpkliesch Agree with piper. Very cool message in a bottle feeling. Superdrums, Martin! :)

September 29 2015 22:38:21
piperpiper Reminds me of the "Police" nice and punchy MP :)

September 29 2015 22:25:35
kimbokimbo way better than him ..imho


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