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cody tripp

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Another simple backing. Needs everything.


October 04 2015 13:42:09
LieschingLiesching Fabulous!

October 04 2015 11:23:01
akethesnakerakethesnaker This is not so simple:D

October 04 2015 01:53:12
CarpenterCarpenter Cool...!

October 02 2015 15:43:29
mpointonmpointon Oh you're a naughty, naughty boy, Cody! Sat down to record it and it all went swimmingly until the first hand-clap and then everything went out of sync with what I was playing.

There's a cheeky bar of, I think, 5/8 after each handclap before the riff resumes in the right place again. Nice one for lulling me into thinking I could just sit down and play it through! Back to the drawing board and I'd better find some new laurels to sit on!!! :) :)

+1 October 02 2015 19:53:31 mpointoncody tripp
I wouldn't doubt it's out of sync. I can't tell what tempo it is or the meter on songs. Never have been able to. I even had to download a program that tells me what the tempo is just so I can post it when I upload ha ha
October 03 2015 03:12:55 mpointonmpointon
And that's why your template flows so beautifully. You don't know why, it just works for you. And it works. I love the challenge but, sadly, I have to work it out. I do not have the songwriter's skill for 'what works' that you do. I wish I did.
October 03 2015 04:21:31 mpointoncody tripp
But you kill everything you do. I can always bet that what you do will be fantastic
October 01 2015 00:59:07
TofzegritTofzegrit Oh!

October 01 2015 00:34:23
aleonzaleonz your song never failed to catch my ears Tom!

October 01 2015 00:11:08
RobMRobM Your stuff really is the ultimate musical temptation ! :) Sweet track Cody ! :)

September 30 2015 22:57:40
mpointonmpointon Nuts-on, as always. Always classy, always catchy. Top work.

September 30 2015 22:56:11
AKchenAKchen lovely :) if work is so nice as this piece of music, work is fine ;)

September 30 2015 22:35:26
garymcmillgarymcmill Very good template.


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