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You asked for some sax..I put this together for you this afternoon. Hope you like it! it's not perfect, and I got kinda carried away around 2:47. Thought the alto might sound better on this one


October 14 2015 17:40:52
PJEPJE Outstandingly great fish and finally I get to jam with your fine sax again :)
+1 October 15 2015 01:15:57 PJEFishinmissio
LOL..Thanks :
October 15 2015 13:04:18 PJEPJE
Hi Mark my apologies if my previous comment was clumsy or offended you, it was a sincerely meant compliment as I think your playing was on this is just beautiful :)
October 11 2015 07:34:24
aleonzaleonz oh I'm sorry that I miss this track somehow Marc! your sax sounds very sexy on this track, love the tone, and how this baby singing!
+1 October 15 2015 01:16:13 aleonzFishinmissio
Thanks Alice!
October 02 2015 20:54:05
MonikaMonika Hope you get carried away again soon Mark, it's beautiful
+1 October 03 2015 16:00:18 MonikaFishinmissio
Thanks Monika..Entertaining a guest here for a few days...kinda layin low til Monday :)
October 01 2015 21:34:00
WadeWade Very good beginning and lovely transitions. Lots of melodic ideas. 2nd half not as consistent, but fine playing. Slightly flat @1:55 (different embouchure adjustment for the alto?). Altogether very fine playing. It's difficult to be consistent as a soloist (jammer?) for an entire track. (IMHO) that's what this style of ballad requires.
+1 October 03 2015 16:02:00 WadeFishinmissio
Yeah..I have work to do on the alto..with the tuning..:)
October 01 2015 14:46:17
LieschingLiesching Masterful, Mark!

October 01 2015 06:08:49
RonjaeRonjae All well designed notes...I got carried up into another world...another fine piece from you all

October 01 2015 04:28:03
PsychoPsycho I'm with ZamZam :)

October 01 2015 00:56:37
ZamzamZamzam Carried away where?

October 01 2015 00:30:16
cody trippcody tripp Just Fantastic. Playlisted

September 30 2015 23:56:45
Blind-DogBlind-Dog So very nicely done my friend...simply beautiful..."carried away"....PLEASE!
+1 October 01 2015 00:01:48 Blind-DogFishinmissio
Thank you Blind-Dog :)

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