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Fred has disturbed the recording sessions today

so here is a tribute to the Joker Arachnid
I have made some creative lyrics and dared singing them

"C'est pas moi" in french means "It's not my fault" "It's not Me"


August 03 2016 16:41:37
BusyDBusyD AHH i love this the more i listen...and vocals amazing.
+1 August 03 2016 17:07:37 BusyDTofzegrit
Fred is hidden in #73657 too ! Glad you like it ;)
August 03 2016 16:38:23
BusyDBusyD So fun

December 28 2015 16:47:34
frenziefrenzie Cool I am working to your vocal work Chris but I also like your lyric approach :)

October 05 2015 15:52:57
MarceysMarceys Qui est vraiment cool! C'est pas moi! :) :)

Spot on! ROFL!

+2 October 05 2015 15:56:24 MarceysMarceys
I was listening backwards.... Now I know what you were singing! That's way cool man! You have to do that much more often! :)
October 06 2015 03:11:04 MarceysTofzegrit
Merci Marc, It becomes a challenge when I hear my voice in the headphones, it's alway better accapella Under the shower :)
But when I feel it strong...
October 04 2015 12:59:36
LieschingLiesching C`est toi et c`est très, très ...fantasmagorique!

October 04 2015 10:40:06
akethesnakerakethesnaker Great!:D

October 03 2015 19:53:45
UloisiusUloisius How cool is that Brother Tof ;o)
absolutly great ;o)

+1 October 03 2015 21:26:36 UloisiusTofzegrit
Merci Uli!
It was very funny 😁
October 03 2015 00:11:53
ivaxivax Yeah!!magnifico Tofz

October 02 2015 22:35:31
frankyguitarfrankyguitar Very fun funky spider with a nice voice LOL cool addition my friend!!

October 02 2015 11:47:31
aleonzaleonz oh my, this is just a perfect song for me after a quite slow day...your fun is really contagious Tof! what a fun track to hear...thank you for the joy !


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