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This is a song I wrote and recorded while playing my '51 Gibson LG-1 (small body). It's the story of a guy haunted by voices that torment him. I added a touch of strings in the background after the first chorus. Some of you are very good at adding keys and/or strings behind songs. If it interests you, please add to this. I know it's a strange song, but it might catch the interest of a couple of you. Lyrics ...


SUPER song, G! playlisted.+1
October 06 2015 19:21:29
Gatorblue Liesching, if you decide to add to the track, please add to the original so I can mix it in w/o the other adds first. I am hoping you have some creative ideas on strings or keys to add. thanks for your kind words-- Gator +1
So simple... so beautiful! Bravo:)+1
OMG!!!!!!! that´s so damn good !!!+0
October 01 2015 19:37:15
Gatorblue You are so kind to me. Thanks for the words of support. Sometimes, you get an idea for something out of the blue and act on it, but you think it might have legs. Thanks, and thanks again for your comment. +1
Maybe it's a strange song...
but for me this is a FANTASTIC song Gator! :)
October 01 2015 20:05:08
Gatorblue Thanks, so much Stef.
Feedback is so helpful. --Gator
what a great song!! Your voice sounds like Vladimir Vysotsky - Russian-like.+0
love this song & the remixes are awesome, especially this: 51618 :)+0
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