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once I visited a healer, he told me "mother earth cares for herself" as I have told him about my sorrows about our lovely planet ... I do beg for giving our planet a chance first with better technology instead of looking for a new one to seddle down, or both of it ... no groups are to blame by leaders or medias ... and mothers alone can`t care enough without the help of the fathers

thanks for reading :)

PS: now the song has so many brothers and fathers, that´s wonderful ..


June 12 2016 11:38:23
Used this in #75437 thank you!

November 16 2015 23:39:55
aye. genau das gesucht, genau das gefunden
need more btw

October 19 2015 04:29:13
Sie haben ein unglaubliches Geschenk für Musik snd machen es zeichnen sich und es wagen , anders zu sein . Ich liebe es.🔊
+1 October 19 2015 08:07:02 Wikimark AKchen
thank you so much :)
October 11 2015 22:49:31
I've heard this before but not by itself. Really unique, you sound great to English speakers too. Nice accent, like Marianne as I said!!

This is nuts! It's just wild without aggression lol..


+1 October 12 2015 07:18:53 Girard AKchen
oh, it has when I say "sorry `bout caring .... " ... it´s because I wasn´t in common with the healer in that case to left her alone ;)
October 12 2015 07:20:48 Girard Girard
Yes, it is sarcastic.
October 12 2015 07:31:02 Girard AKchen
yes ;) the healer I like although, he is my little big brother, but I had to discuss more with him ;) haha
October 11 2015 22:48:00
It's Akchen day! Look at all this!!

October 03 2015 10:03:16
Das berührt mich sehr ;o)

October 02 2015 17:22:35
You realy made somthing Akchen, Great!!!!
+1 October 02 2015 18:08:54 ericblom AKchen
thank you and thanks again for the great collage :)
October 02 2015 16:08:51
wow einfach mega gut akchen!
+1 October 02 2015 18:08:14 jamlady AKchen
dankeschööön und sehr :)
October 02 2015 18:29:20 jamlady AKchen
PS: die Väter und Brüder sind nun da :)
magst vielleicht auch, falls du Lust hast .. ? mehrere sisters und mothers wären toll ;)
October 02 2015 11:46:19
First of all, we should stop to act like viruses who destroy the host that permits us to live.
Bright idea to deliver this messaqge here.

+1 October 02 2015 12:19:00 ROBJOL AKchen
thank you Rob ... if we want to stay, we have to care for her and not telling, she should solve her problems without us :) maybe ...
October 02 2015 12:50:11 ROBJOL ROBJOL
The astrophysician Hubert Reeves says that if wedon't stop destroying,we will face de 4th extinction (of mankind). He says that it may take millions of years after but the earth will regenerate by itself. Frightful but i tend to agree with him.
October 02 2015 06:11:55
excellent message delivered with a really soft and sweet voice, this is very lovely Akchen!
+1 October 02 2015 06:17:40 aleonz AKchen
hi Alice, thank you .. what do you think the message is ? :)
October 02 2015 06:38:40 aleonz aleonz
What I get and also what I also believe, is ..this nature will go on and have it's own ways to take care of her (as we called it mother earth), sometimes we..people think that we (with all our strength, and intelligence, etc) have the capabilities to caring or most that happen is try to take control of this earth, but for what I believe this nature itself is beyond everything...bigger, higher, smarter, etc than us.
October 02 2015 06:59:16 aleonz AKchen
beautiful thoughts dear :) thank you for telling

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