Reflection Of My Broken Heart

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I let Alice take my hand and bring me playing on this so lovely song.
Randy, Martin, Alice, Merci

I have tried a deep sound for groove and singing bassline.


October 05 2015 04:53:55
mpointonmpointon This is by far some of your best bass yet. You got the style down totally. You've nailed the feel completely. Not just some of your best bass playing but up there with the best bass I've heard on the 'Loops.
+1 October 05 2015 07:47:08 mpointonTofzegrit
Wow! Merci Martin ❤
October 05 2015 00:31:32
WadeWade Nicely holding down your (bottom) end. I have trouble finding mine with both hands. Good one.
+1 October 05 2015 07:48:54 WadeTofzegrit
The most difficult here: Don't follow the melody, play bass!
Merci Wade
October 04 2015 20:57:37
kennyadrykennyadry This is absolutely insanely outstanding playing here Tof! Great groove all the way! Outstanding!

October 04 2015 19:09:42
PsychoPsycho You filled it out nicely... fab job !!

October 04 2015 10:58:33
akethesnakerakethesnaker You are a damned good bass player too!:)

October 04 2015 09:27:35
MarianneMarianne A gorgeous treat to listen to Alice singing the melancholic lyrics inside a glorious Track and Add! Wonderful song! :)

October 04 2015 06:26:24
Lenny CowlerLenny Cowler super bass:)

October 04 2015 01:32:18
aleonzaleonz How nice is it Tof, a lovely surprise for my Sunday morning when I got your remix notification, very cool low lines, and the opening is so sweet !
+1 October 04 2015 12:47:05 aleonzTofzegrit
Merci Angel, I really was hypnotized by your voice and was so difficult to focus on what I had yo do... So one take but not one try. And I'm so proud you like it❤
October 04 2015 00:13:46
Blind-DogBlind-Dog That's got some thump in the trunk man!...great
+1 October 04 2015 12:48:26 Blind-DogTofzegrit
Merci Randy, incredible keys you have played here... Progression is so beautiful. Thanks for sharing your music man.
October 03 2015 23:17:02
MarceysMarceys Great groove and you have chosen some very cool low notes! :)
+1 October 04 2015 12:48:51 MarceysTofzegrit
Merci Marc

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