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only piano, plus some strings from 3:13.


Don't know how on earth I missed this one ! But glad I found it, another beautiful example of your gift Marc, wonderful !!! :)+1
October 17 2015 09:21:56
Liesching Thanks a lot my friend. +1
Great as always.+1
October 17 2015 09:22:05
Liesching Thanks G! +0
Hi Marc my modest virtuoso friend, I have missed your company and music with my soul while I was away and so I am very pleased to find you have had time to share more of your wonderful expression... Absolut Musical Beauty! :)+1
October 14 2015 15:59:42
Liesching Thank you very much, Peter. I hope you had a nice time in Portugal! :) +1
October 14 2015 16:01:52
PJE Its was fine thank you and I have brought back a large bottle of Alentajo red....maybe one day we can share it my friend, I hope :) +1
francisco al
lindo rabalho+1
October 17 2015 09:22:16
francisco al
Liesching Gracias! +0
Meisterhaft... ;-)+1
October 17 2015 09:22:32
Liesching Danke Dir, Carsten! +0
You have a very sweet way to delivered your feelin into all the keys that you touch, you make them live and sing out your heart, your music always fantastic to the ears Marc, but the magic part is goes to the heart!+1
October 07 2015 09:35:11
Liesching So do you with your beautiful hypnotizing voice. Thank you very much, dear Alice. +0
Master classe!+2
October 06 2015 09:48:29
Liesching Thanks ake! +0
You always inspire, Marc! I imagine you sitting at the ocean, the gentle sea breeze in your hair, the waves dancing to the keys under your fingers, light as a feather, the salty air joining the strings and seagulls solemnly watching as the tiny white cotton clouds look down from the blue sky, and the golden rays of the sun kiss the melody as it flies from your mind into your heart! :)+1
October 06 2015 09:47:56
Liesching Your poems inspire no less, dear Marianne. Thank you very much! +1
October 06 2015 09:53:41
Marianne Awwww...thank you, Marc! I should have written: 'and the golden rays of the sun kiss the melody as it flies from your mind into your heart and into mine!' :) +1
wonderful how you float from one key to another and in that key even from major to minor and all the altered chords and .....still keep the melody rolling...superb!!+1
October 06 2015 09:46:54
Liesching Thanks a lot for this fine and gentle review, Sir John. I´m on one of yours and hope I can finish it soon... +1
October 06 2015 14:24:56
fanne This would be a challenge to I would love to…if I only had the time… +1
As I listen to this, I just closed my eyes and my soul was being carried away to a place where I feel so light, and it seems that the earth's gravity has weakened that it has caused me to float. In other words...your music has brought me into trance...Now my week is complete because I have heard this music. Super thank you Marc!+1
October 06 2015 09:43:30
Liesching Wow, thanks Kenny. Happy you like it. :) +0

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