Justifies The End

Remix step #2 (playing)
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Psycho673 jams Supporter
+ 24
Fine track by Paul and I gave it a go because TL was one of favs back in the day. Hope you don't mind that I let Phil off the hook and added on to this so maybe a sax, or whatever will jump in. I threw in a little goofy solo at 1:30.


December 30 2015 19:43:49
RelativityRelativity Relistened! Awesome!

November 14 2015 22:48:33
RelativityRelativity Love the solo!
+1 November 15 2015 00:37:33 RelativityPsycho
Thanks Rel... :)
November 14 2015 15:21:53
MidoruMidoru I like how you just went for it - little rougher than your normal fare, but I feel it well!
+1 November 14 2015 17:24:32 MidoruPsycho
Thanks for listening and the kind words M... less than a year ago I was stuck somewhat in a rut, but I owe it to wikiloops for all the opportunities and different things I've now been able to try. You guys are my influence... that's a real bonus :)
November 14 2015 17:46:09 MidoruMidoru
You are a fine musician. Sometimes our training contains us - too many minds…- no mind, my friend.
October 05 2015 14:30:57
akethesnakerakethesnaker Fine playing Psycho!;)
+1 October 05 2015 23:39:30 akethesnakerPsycho
Thanks !!!
October 05 2015 13:50:33
incivanpicoincivanpico Great playing m8!:)...so very cool!;)
+1 October 05 2015 13:57:38 incivanpicoPsycho
Thanks very much inci :)
October 05 2015 10:47:26
WadeWade This sounds mighty fine to me. Often when others listen to our music they hear the intent and what communicates to them rather than listening for technical faults. Don't be hard on yourself.

Of the last two I've posted I thought one pretty good...that hardly got noticed. The one I almost didn't post got raves...we just can't predict what tickles others musical bones.

+1 October 05 2015 13:57:03 WadePsycho
Thank you Wade, you input is highly valued. I will remember your kind comments :)
October 05 2015 04:17:15
aleonzaleonz your guitar flying like an eagle Big Psy! fearless...and unstoppable
+1 October 05 2015 06:03:26 aleonzPsycho
Thank you Big Al...you are so kind. You guys must be hearing this differently than me. I am not happy with it and the track almost got deleted... many times others hear some of my stuff as better than I do, but then what do I know? {shrug}
October 05 2015 01:32:37
GirardGirard Good add P, fits right in.
+1 October 05 2015 05:57:04 GirardPsycho
Thanks G, not what I really envisioned but it went up anyway, happens :)
October 04 2015 23:11:44
ivaxivax great sounds Psych
+1 October 05 2015 05:55:30 ivaxPsycho
Thank you mucho ivax :)
October 04 2015 23:05:11
fannefanne great sound!
+1 October 05 2015 05:55:04 fannePsycho
Thanks John :)

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