Without You

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Had to play some piano to this lovely piece!

Hope it fits right...

Thanks to Kenny, Alice, Martin & Danny for the fine ride!



November 20 2015 13:56:06
OliVBeeOliVBee great playing Marc :) a soulful track !
+1 November 20 2015 16:06:08 OliVBeeMarceys
Thanks OliVBee! My piano isn't without mistakes but the feel of the track is nice! :)
October 16 2015 17:06:54
paalmanpaalman good sound keyboard

October 08 2015 18:40:35
LieschingLiesching Fits very well, Marc! Playlisted.

October 05 2015 14:02:56
onewholeftonewholeft Fantastic

October 05 2015 10:52:21
WadeWade Hard to believe you weren't in there the whole time.
+1 October 05 2015 12:02:40 WadeMarceys
sssst.... Don't tell man! I have just increased the volume... :)
October 05 2015 05:36:04
kennyadrykennyadry Big big big hit! Your solo starting on 1:34 is a tender juicy meat that melts in your mouth!!! SO awesome Marcey! The Jazzy feel in this one is Perfect!
+2 October 05 2015 07:03:50 kennyadryMarceys
Thanks kenny! Glad that you like it man! Your chords were just to beautiful to leave them alone! Enjoyed the track very much! :)
October 05 2015 04:24:55
mpointonmpointon As always, impeccable and heartfelt, Marc. You've brought a genuine jazz-club feeling to the music which is *just* right! Your builds, filling the soundscape, knowing when to hold back but bring in that gorgeous jazz influence... Just... perfect. Thank you. Beautiful.

I'm feel I'm sat in Ronnie Scott's. And I'm loving it. Straight into my 'Completed Loops' playlist and, more importantly, top three loops ever :) :)

+4 October 05 2015 07:01:45 mpointonMarceys
Thanks Martin! It was a joy playing to this! I gave your drums some extra EQ.... It's a bit more upfront this way! :)
October 05 2015 03:30:18
aleonzaleonz oh my goodness...heaven..I'm in heaven, love how you play with my vocal at the middle part, and the way you fill in just so lovely Marc. This is gorgeous !
+3 October 05 2015 07:00:04 aleonzMarceys
Great that you like it Alice! It was cool to play with your vocal! Great track!
November 20 2015 13:27:34 aleonzaleonz
been trap on this song, and listening all over the remix, and I fall again into your wonderful piano play....geezzz this is just give me shiver
October 04 2015 23:32:18
hurzelhurzel great playing!

October 04 2015 23:13:18
DannyKDannyK Very fine add, Marc. Nice and complimentary. Good play!
+1 October 05 2015 07:02:40 DannyKMarceys
Thanks Danny! I enjoyed playing with your bass, I could give my focus to the upperhand that way!
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