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Add anything! The work that Psycho and blind-Dog did on this was phenomenal!! Beautiful track!!! Had to join in on the fun!


October 07 2015 06:05:21
Blind-DogBlind-Dog GREAT Work!
+1 October 07 2015 09:26:06 Blind-DogHaffast
Thank you so much! I LOVE your track on here. Simply AMAZING! And psycho did a wonderful job of setting the pace. It was a pleasure to work on! :)
October 06 2015 13:15:45
frankyguitarfrankyguitar Fine work Haff! Right in the sense for it!! :)
+1 October 06 2015 16:00:08 frankyguitarHaffast
Thanks a lot Franky! Really glad you enjoyed! It's hard to go wrong when you have the head start I did between Psycho and blind-dog! :)
October 06 2015 16:30:00 frankyguitarfrankyguitar
Oh, yes? I think I could.... LOL:D
October 06 2015 19:38:28 frankyguitarHaffast
Hahaha! I suppose you're right! It certainly could!
October 06 2015 12:33:25
PsychoPsycho Great addition and playing with that signature Haff tone. It reminds me of something The Trans-Siberian Orchestra might play. Thanks a ton for taking me up on the invite buddy :)
+1 October 06 2015 15:58:16 PsychoHaffast
Psycho, it was an honor to play on such an amazing track with you! I hope you don't mind, but I tried to make your track pop out a little more.

I appreciate that I have actually decided on "my tone" and I couldn't thank you enough for comparing it to Skolnick from TSO. I'm a big fan of his work, so that's a HUGE compliment that I appreciate! Thanks man!
October 06 2015 10:51:40
LieschingLiesching Excellent!
+1 October 06 2015 15:53:45 LieschingHaffast
Thank you so much! You know I'm a sucker for beautiful work on the keys. This one really touched me. You still hold the crown, Marc. ;) But this track was amazing! Psycho had such a great add to it too!
October 06 2015 09:25:38
Buran70Buran70 Well done!
+1 October 06 2015 15:51:25 Buran70Haffast
Thank you very much! I really appreciate that - especially coming from a talent such as yourself.

I'd LOVE to hear you do a version of Blind-dog's track. i have no doubt at all that it would blow everyone on here away.

If you get a chance, give it a try! Would be amazing to hear! :)
October 06 2015 21:30:18 Buran70Buran70
The Blind-dog's track is very challenging but I will try to do my best...
October 06 2015 22:36:14 Buran70Haffast
Oh, I have faith your ability... ;)
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