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This is Girard's second request for a template. The reference tune was 14 minutes long so I've paraphrased a lot of it into just some of the beats. Like the previous upload, it gets a little out of hand towards the end - just trying to be clever and not succeeding very well.

Didn't play this as cleanly as I'd like but I thinks it's good enough once some other adds join in. I think my right foot was on strike. There's a few dodgy joins from a couple of punch-ins and also editing out a bar of 2/4 I unintentionally added meaning everything was half a bar out after that point!

It's completely jammed, I'm afraid, but I think it all makes sense.

Using my Yamaha 8000 Mahogany snare again on this one.


No reverb on the HD version


August 15 2016 15:34:41
GuitarPlyrGuitarPlyr Great groovy tack mpointon :)

February 24 2016 19:49:00
FunkystanFunkystan I haven't noticed immediately downloading Carpenter's mix on Marc's keys that I was downloading your template again...
This is a really different upload and I guess the third one will be surprising too ;-)
It was hard to deal with the mix and adds sounding. I've had hard choices to do.
I do hope it sounds... Thanks Martin ^^

January 27 2016 23:34:08
FunkystanFunkystan I've done number 62579 from your template ^^
+1 January 28 2016 12:12:24 Funkystanmpointon
And damn good it is too! :)
January 23 2016 18:47:06
FunkystanFunkystan Seems like I'm really fan...
Many thanks Martin

October 12 2015 20:39:57
PaulBOwensPaulBOwens Simon Phillips would be proud of the musicianship in your drummership Martin
+1 October 12 2015 23:42:11 PaulBOwensmpointon
I'm not sure you realise what a compliment to me that is! I love Simon Phillips' playing, from his work with Toto (the man filled Jeff Porcaro's shoes!!) and The Who, to even his performance on The Corrs' tune 'Toss The Feathers'

He is very much the drummer's drummer to me :)
October 12 2015 23:44:41 PaulBOwensPaulBOwens
I first came across him when he played on Gary Moore's "Back On The Streets" album in '78 or thereabouts. Theres a track on it called "What Would You Rather Bee Or A Wasp"... for whatever reason when I listened to this track, SP came to mind Martin - :)!
October 10 2015 12:38:27
LieschingLiesching World class drumming!

October 09 2015 18:37:00
jamladyjamlady very cool!

October 09 2015 12:27:02
aleonzaleonz this is the 2nd wonderful drums track that I listen from you Martin! you have so much great energy, for all these steady cool and excellent tracks! there must be something in your water hahahah

October 09 2015 01:33:06
CarpenterCarpenter Highly energetic drums...!

October 08 2015 21:06:57
PsychoPsycho That's fine drumming pal !!


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