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Added vocals to this cool template..Not my forte ..but hey can't loose for trying..hope you enjoy :)


October 08 2015 18:50:59
Guitar 1Guitar 1
Very cool. It reminds me of the Police with Cindy Lauper or something like that. I would love to solo over this track, I think something light and intervalic would be cool.
+1 October 08 2015 20:03:49 Guitar 1 piper
That would be cool :)
October 08 2015 14:21:49
Ooh! Scary but cool!

October 08 2015 10:34:36
Good fit for your voice. Well done
+1 October 08 2015 14:21:26 Wade piper
made a remix hopefully louder. Eek!! This mixing stuff gives me a headache!
October 08 2015 23:12:35 Wade Wade
This is a topic all its own. The extremes are obvious and deserve comment: soloist(add) too soft, backing (add) too loud for soloist. Comments on the extremes can help a novice player/editor. Everything else is fair and should be up to the player making decisions and developing their editing skills. It's a good exercise for a player to try to switch their thinking (to editing) and become objective about their own tracks.

It could also be argued that it's a good skill for a players (who wish is to communicate/entertain) to become objective self critics. The Egos that just want to be noticed won't usually seek these skills.
October 09 2015 02:18:58 Wade piper
Ahh. but I am not the usual.. and don't have a 500lb cranium so I think that I shall tinker to make the quality sound better :)
October 09 2015 02:26:02 Wade Wade
"tinker piper"...I like the sound of that.
October 09 2015 05:55:02 Wade piper
October 08 2015 07:46:07
I like your song! One tip is that you do the final mixing of your stereo speakers, there is a big difference compared to mix in the headphones :)
+1 October 08 2015 13:16:20 Countryboy piper
Yes! Boy are you right about that!
October 08 2015 14:38:50 Countryboy piper
Thank you again CB, I appreciate the tips! :)
October 08 2015 05:09:22
Lenny CowlerLenny Cowler

October 08 2015 01:51:43
It's your forte lately... and you are doing so well. Like TG said, I can tell it's good even at a low volume, but I think you are not sure, so yes crank up the vocal and surprise your self :)
+1 October 08 2015 02:47:14 Psycho piper
I used a different mic. I don't get it it's suppose to be more powerful. Ugg!
October 08 2015 02:51:11 Psycho piper
seems to sound better with a pair of headphones. I don't know what I did wrong?
October 08 2015 03:10:16 Psycho Psycho
It could be the upload, it's rare but sometimes the backgrounds don't encode as loud as your mix. Do you use a condenser or dynamic mic? Not so much the power but the frequency is the key to vocals.
October 08 2015 14:23:26 Psycho piper
I increased the volume on the vocals and did a remix P. I think it's better; tell me what you think :) BTW like you sexy profile pic.. ;)
October 08 2015 20:01:02 Psycho Psycho
Oh, good grief... make mental note to change pic :)
October 07 2015 23:48:41
Cool track Mrs. P. Maybe hike up the volume a bit more? No need to hide it!
+2 October 08 2015 02:52:20 TeeGee piper
Thanks TG. I was telling Psycho I used a different mic. It sounds better with a pair of headphones. I guess I need to tinker with it some more to get it right.
October 08 2015 08:25:31 TeeGee TeeGee
Määäh don't give me the I told Psycho excuse. VOLUME UP NOW!!
October 07 2015 21:51:37
awesome ...

October 07 2015 20:40:21

October 07 2015 20:22:13
cody trippcody tripp


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