Das ist nicht meine Welt

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Danke Buddie für dieses geniale Template ;o)

This Song is Part of the Album „Lagerfeuerlieder“




November 14 2016 12:15:01
danibertdanibert Super Song, super Text!
+1 November 15 2016 07:30:23 danibertUloisius
Vielen Dank danibert ;o)
June 28 2016 21:38:53
GemmyFGemmyF Nice 2 track of vocals Uli!
+1 June 28 2016 21:44:07 GemmyFUloisius
Thank you very much Gemmy, it`s always a pleasure to make Music with Balfo together ;o)
June 28 2016 21:44:57 GemmyFGemmyF
I've noticed you two guys real work good together
January 23 2016 07:29:08
JDFJDF I love that you have two separate vocals at different octaves. Brilliant and catchy. Love this. Very cool. :)
+2 June 28 2016 07:41:29 JDFUloisius
Thank you very much JDF ;o)
October 15 2015 20:45:44
PJEPJE So good you both are great music/lyrics always wonderfully performed, very thought provoking and totally enjoyable listening :)
+1 November 09 2015 20:07:44 PJEUloisius
Thank you very much PJE ;o)
October 10 2015 07:17:07
coupycoupy A1
+1 October 12 2015 12:46:57 coupyUloisius
Thank you very much coupy ;o)
October 10 2015 01:37:12
RobMRobM Beautiful as always Ulo and those lyrics really resonate ! :)
Fantastic friend :)

+1 October 12 2015 12:46:37 RobMUloisius
I am very happy that you like it ;o)
October 09 2015 21:22:41
pklieschpkliesch Ein ganz feines Lied, lieber Ulo. Bravo!
+1 October 12 2015 12:45:47 pklieschUloisius
Vielen Dank pk, freut mich sehr das dir dieses Liedchen gefällt ;o)
October 09 2015 19:44:39
BalfoBalfo Ich bin einfach sprachlos Bruder!
+1 October 12 2015 12:45:14 BalfoUloisius
Ich freue mich wenn es dir gefällt ;o)
October 09 2015 12:30:20
aleonzaleonz you are not only a great singer Ulo, but you also an excellent wordsmith, that bring up a great things for your singin.
+1 October 12 2015 12:44:38 aleonzUloisius
Thank you very much Alice; o)

The singing and mix things really quickly with me.

Writing the lyrics takes by far the most time-consuming, so nice to if the lyrics arrive at the listeners and create their images in their head, that makes me happy ;o)

And probably if such a compliment from an artist like you comes then I am honored by the most especially since the translation into English many linguistic subtleties stay on track ;o)
October 09 2015 09:29:05
jabluejablue Danke Ulo, klasse,klasse,klasse.....weiter so...
+1 October 12 2015 12:37:51 jablueUloisius
Vielen lieben Dank jablue ;o)
Wenn ich noch mehr solch tolle Kommentare bekomme wie diesen hier von dir dann höre ich bestimmt nicht so schnell auf ;o)

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