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I was totally attracted to this drum track by Martin. Different variations makes you want to think of ideas. And I totally had fun with this stuff.


January 01 2016 22:41:59
kovaleskukovalesku Awersom man !

October 13 2015 08:15:25
akethesnakerakethesnaker Great!
+0 November 08 2015 15:19:06 akethesnakerkennyadry
Thanks Ake!
October 12 2015 14:46:55
mulambomulambo totally awesome!!

October 12 2015 08:59:42
frankyguitarfrankyguitar Very good composed and arranged! Fine tone! Very great to listen this!!

October 12 2015 08:17:45
rockdevilrockdevil i can hear the touch from JP....
very nice buddy :)

October 10 2015 08:18:42
JeebsieJeebsie Amazing!

October 09 2015 21:29:12
pklieschpkliesch Absolutely pro, Kenny! Bravo! :)
+1 October 10 2015 01:56:05 pklieschkennyadry
Thank u so patrick! I appreciate it comibg from u :)
October 09 2015 12:38:56
mpointonmpointon This is superb, Kenny. Such attention to detail of structure and the playing and harmonics are first-class! As Alice said, 4:09 onwards is epic!!!
+2 October 10 2015 01:55:07 mpointonkennyadry
Thank u Martin! Truth be told, it was really a hard thing trying to get the rhythm so what i did is follow the kick drums most of the time to make it sound like it's synch. So i have to get crdits to your drummin!
October 09 2015 11:58:08
aleonzaleonz Just like the others, I love how you build the track, no hurry, no rush but just let it flow and smoothly in complete wonderful shape. and that 4:09 - is the coolest race of the day my great brother!
+1 October 10 2015 01:52:15 aleonzkennyadry
Great words coming from a great musician as u Alice! :) thank u sister!
October 09 2015 06:19:30
titititi You are a small genius of the guitar. You know how to use the harmony in your way... it makes your unique signature my nephew ! ;)
+1 October 10 2015 01:51:10 titikennyadry
Thank u so much Uncle Titi! Appreciate your comments :)

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