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Blues Buddies83 jams Supporter
Remix step #3 (playing)
New Zealand


Wade374 jams Supporter
+ 20
First of two with sax adds requested by Uloisius. Recorded in New Zealand...just getting around to editing now (in Australia). Great track from Uloisius and Balfo the BB.


August 13 2016 19:43:42
Fantastic add Wade, thanks so much!
+1 August 13 2016 22:28:08 Balfo Wade
I really enjoyed joining in on this one. You guys make it so easy to feel the groove.
December 27 2015 14:37:17
This Track is Part of the BLUES BUDDIES Album „Bluescreme“


+1 December 28 2015 19:48:19 Uloisius Wade
I feel honored that you've chosen this track.
December 06 2015 20:21:07
Holy cr*** , this wonderful sax I have missed!! Really great!! This is really nailing this great work from the Buddies!
+1 December 07 2015 18:50:58 frankyguitar Wade
Glad you dig this one Franky. I really enjoyed doing these two for the Buddies.
October 10 2015 13:33:08
Superb !
+1 October 10 2015 23:28:05 titi Wade
So good of you titi to stop by and comment.
October 10 2015 12:36:28
Blues BuddiesBlues Buddies
unbelievable good ;o)
+1 October 10 2015 23:27:25 Blues Buddies Wade
Thanks guys for this wonderful template and calling me back to it. Loved the project.
October 10 2015 11:57:29
Perfect fusion!
+1 October 10 2015 23:26:48 Liesching Wade
You and Shi both got the fusion aspect of the sax playing in an unrelated style. Glad you think it works.
October 10 2015 11:28:16
this is the cooool the way it all works together from you all and that slinky Sax Wade...oh yeah :)
+1 October 10 2015 23:25:14 Shi Wade
Thanks Shi. Glad you noticed the inherent contrast between a slinky and the blues. Happy it works for you.
October 10 2015 06:28:28
Lenny CowlerLenny Cowler
fantastic play:)
+0 October 10 2015 23:21:07 Lenny Cowler Wade
Thanks Lenny. Glad this one worked for you.
October 10 2015 00:46:41
cody trippcody tripp
That sax has an incredible tone. LOVE IT !!
+1 October 10 2015 23:20:05 cody tripp Wade
Thanks Cody. Glad you like the tone.
October 10 2015 00:44:13
You are everywhere :) This is a fantastic fit Wade... you hit on the highlights to a tee. Kudos to the Koala !!!!
+1 October 10 2015 23:17:15 Psycho Wade
Koala smiles...heck they are stoned 100% of the time, so always smiling.
October 11 2015 00:15:36 Psycho Psycho
I did not know this eucalyptus leaves phenom. Must help with sax playing too :)

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