Stay With Me Tonight Baby

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cody tripp

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Needs Vocals, drums, bass, keys solos etc.


May 17 2016 00:38:19
jamladyjamlady ohhh how wonderful is this!

February 13 2016 18:11:29
ALawrence1ALawrence1 Taking a Tripp down Cody lane:) and I found this jewel. WOW! My turn!

October 19 2015 23:56:43
AndreaAndrea wonderful song cody... great!!!

October 12 2015 06:13:26
MarianneMarianne I LOVE it more than life itself, Tom! Playlisted!
He walks away...heavy of heart, his mind a black hole. He's only ever cried once in his is now...and he knows he won't ever cry again. She was everything he needed in life, all grief and anger buried in his love for her. He felt the sun on his back, listened to the blackbirds in the trees, woke up in the morning holding her, whispering sweet nothings. She curled up into him, her hiding place, and when she didn't kiss him back, he knew it was all he had, and all he would never forget. He had died with her, and she within him.

October 10 2015 14:52:24
TG_StratTG_Strat Read my compliment in Lairdy's add, says it all.

October 10 2015 08:33:22
BassCookBassCook Great one, cody :)

October 10 2015 06:39:25
onewholeftonewholeft Cool think i will have to get on this one

October 10 2015 06:27:50
Lenny CowlerLenny Cowler nice:)

October 10 2015 06:19:55
titititi Fantastic Tom!

October 10 2015 03:17:41
StefStef AWESOME TOM!! :)


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    cody tripp
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    cody tripp
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    cody tripp
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    cody tripp
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    cody tripp
    by cody tripp
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