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This track was something I made up about 17 years ago or more , I used a little 4 track that took tape cassettes ... All my gear was crappy and my drums came out of a childs toy keyboard that I rigged a headphone jack to a quater inch plug (excuse the "tape hiss" and all the other racket that is supposed to sound like music) ... yes you can turn old audio casettes in to mp3's ... ENJOY, all instruments played by me


February 24 2016 03:31:13
RelativityRelativity The days...every second of it was fun. You can hear the fun.
+1 February 24 2016 05:30:05 RelativityRockzilla
Yeah it was alot of fun, i made a wireless unit for my electric guitar then (not used on this track), made it out of an old cordless phone
February 24 2016 03:28:18
RobMRobM Sound quality aside, this is a really good song RZ.
Glad you shared it mate, enjoyed the listen :)

+1 February 24 2016 05:27:52 RobMRockzilla
Thanks Rob :), I'm actually thinking of trying to make a new version of it , if i can find the time, been swamped with home repairs lately
February 24 2016 03:13:19
schwaglrschwaglr Glad you shared and I got a chance to hear this. Sounds like a fun thing to put together. Good memories, I'm sure.
+1 February 24 2016 03:17:58 schwaglrRockzilla
I did this way bavk while drinking a 40 and smoking something i shouldn't have ;)
November 26 2015 04:36:14
PsychoPsycho I missed this one... very good for what you had gear-wise. Not a bad jam either :)
+1 February 24 2016 03:15:53 PsychoRockzilla
I upgrade ... a little :)
October 13 2015 04:29:37
DannyKDannyK This is fabulous. I have one from '90 that I'll have to see if I can find.
+1 October 13 2015 04:44:22 DannyKRockzilla
good ol' stone age gear (not really that good ha)
October 12 2015 12:56:10
DickDick lol, didn't we all start there some time :)

October 12 2015 10:41:31
Lenny CowlerLenny Cowler good:)

October 12 2015 07:36:00
RockzillaRockzilla Oh and please read the above paragraph, you may find it somewhat amusing

October 12 2015 07:24:46
RockzillaRockzilla all instruments played by me


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