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Wade358 jams Supporter

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Love this one from G.B. Just getting around to trying some idea with it.


June 27 2016 22:01:10
francisco alfrancisco al
bonito bom trabalho
+1 June 27 2016 23:52:35 francisco al Wade
É muito gentil de sua parte para ouvir. Obrigado.
June 26 2016 21:13:31
So glad to found this smooth lovely track from you tonight Wade, you're not only caressing our ears with your beautiful sax, but also our mind and heart..so wonderful !
+1 June 26 2016 23:43:00 aleonz Wade
Was very good of Mario to bring this back with such a wonderful bass line. So glad that it touches you. IMHO that's our work here...to give each other meaningful musical/emotional experiences. You're one of the best at that.
October 15 2015 20:18:04
and isn't this a sweet treat from you both Glez and Wade
+1 October 16 2015 00:21:52 Shi Wade
Madam Shi! So glad to have you round for a listen. Glad you like. Thanks.
October 15 2015 14:01:17
very smooth ride, been enjoying quite a few rounds of this this morning :)
+1 October 16 2015 00:20:48 Dick Wade
A compliment from the boss! Good to have you checking this out. Thanks. Glad you like. G.B.'s playing really inspires.
October 15 2015 13:48:41
great collaboration
+1 October 16 2015 00:19:01 FrankMil Wade
Thanks Frank. A little extra in the collaboration since I've played live with G.B. Makes you understand their style and approach to music.
October 15 2015 11:12:43
Grest man, fine sound, melody from Ulos voice, great
+1 October 16 2015 00:17:29 jablue Wade
Definately walking in the shadow of Uloisius on this one. Love his version, but also wanted to do this.
October 15 2015 10:32:18
Wade will surpass every jam adding musical ideas. Very good!
+1 October 16 2015 00:16:25 GlezBass Wade
MY MAN! All due to your wonderful template. Looking forward to when we can play again live. A vacation for you and your family in New Zealand?
October 15 2015 07:59:45
amazingly lovely
+1 October 16 2015 00:15:17 chrisbass Wade
Thanks Chrisbass. Been a while since I've heard from you.
October 15 2015 07:15:12
love it :) the smooth side is really nice !
+1 October 16 2015 00:14:33 OliVBee Wade
Greatly appreciate your listen and comment OliVBee. You've got big critical ears. I know you don't bite often, but I also know that you won't say you like something unless you do.
October 15 2015 06:29:37
so lovely, great playing about you both :)
+1 October 16 2015 00:11:06 AKchen Wade
Thanks AKchen! I love playing with G.B. he has so much enthusiasm that just spills over everywhere.

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