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Blind-Dog's template is fantastic on its own but Psycho's and Haffast's superb adds just blew it to the next level.

Played fairly straightforward time throughout with biggish fills where needed although I had to do a fair few edits as I seem to have forgotten how to keep time today. About it really.

I took some liberties with the mixes. I didn't use Haffast's first add as his second seemed to just be an enhancement of the first. Also, he appeared to have mixed Psycho's add in with his on the HD stem. So I used Psycho's first section but removed his end section as it appeared to be already mixed in with Haffast's add! Everyone following this?

Mixed the drums further forward than normal to ensure when it hots up people still have a time reference.

Anyway, enjoy.

No reverb on the HD drums (it needs them).


June 28 2016 09:29:47
WoodstockWoodstock Tastful and restrained drumming, very good!! :)

October 17 2015 00:07:09
WadeWade Such a fine fit. Real pro stuff.

October 16 2015 13:30:21
HaffastHaffast Holy cow! This is AMAZING work! Fits SO well and adds SO much! Excellent work! I can't get over how natural they sounds in there. Can't believe they weren't there the whole time! AWESOME add! :)
+2 October 17 2015 01:09:51 Haffastmpointon
Thank you, Haffast! :)
October 16 2015 02:29:48
akethesnakerakethesnaker Love it!

October 15 2015 22:13:29
PsychoPsycho Love it MP... you the man, and great job mixing :) :) :)
+2 October 16 2015 00:41:31 Psychompointon
Thanks, Psycho. This is a great version. You and Haffast are formidable!
October 15 2015 19:39:31
OliVBeeOliVBee cool track ! a bass player paradise :)
+3 October 17 2015 00:06:28 OliVBeeWade
Yes, where is a bass when you need one?
October 15 2015 17:43:33
PJEPJE Superb and so tasteful Drums Martin so well restrained laying down a flawless supporting perfomance on this wonderful track... Bravo my friend and Bravo to all :)
+2 October 16 2015 02:49:01 PJEmpointon
Thanks, Paul. Supporting is the key word and I appreciate that comment. My job is to hold up a song and if I achieve that, I'm happy. 😀
October 15 2015 17:37:29
AKchenAKchen perfect fiotting, so fab :)


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