Jazz Bossa In A Lift

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RichyH27 jams
Remix step #4 (playing)


mpointon472 jams Supporter
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Can't resist a bit of bossa-nova! Great template from Richy with Mori and Marcey's adds just adding an authentic flavour to it.

Went for a classic bossa throughout. It was harder than I thought because the timing of this track is quite fluid and I didn't always keep on top of it. But I still like the feel of it. I do enjoy a bit of bossa!

Which floor, sir?


October 10 2016 06:59:25
francisco alfrancisco al bom trabalho. mpointon

October 17 2015 09:36:34
WadeWade A skirt wafting off her gorgeous hips as she sways to the sublime sound of those soft drums...well, it's my fantasy. Sounds good!
+1 October 17 2015 14:29:43 Wadempointon
Loving the imagery, Wade! I'll try to imagine that next time I record!! :)
October 16 2015 06:10:01
AcousticegAcousticeg I think I heard this on love boat... lol I kid. smooth track enjoyed.

October 16 2015 00:11:31
blumartiniblumartini very groovy...

October 16 2015 00:03:56
onewholeftonewholeft So very good

October 15 2015 22:01:19
PsychoPsycho Sir Bossa... a fine job man !!

October 15 2015 20:45:07
MarceysMarceys That's really great Martin! Listening back to my piano... my piano is a bit to hasty if you ask me!
+1 October 15 2015 21:08:20 Marceysmpointon
I'm not sure. I tried to focus on the guitar line to keep me good but it was difficult in the mix. At the volumes my earphones have to be to record over my drums, bass becomes quite muddy so makes it hard to rely on 😀

The fluidity is good for this music but adding drums last does sound like I'm following rather than leading so it loses some of its drive.
October 16 2015 07:24:31 MarceysMarceys
Think your drums sounds very good Martin! My piano timing is what I would have played a bit different when I was playing it today! :)
October 15 2015 20:18:13
TofzegritTofzegrit Eh eh... I did it with Lenny and it was so cool then I Will take the lift again and together, we Will call the client service Just for the music.. :)
+1 October 16 2015 04:15:20 Tofzegritmpointon
The maitre d' awaits!
October 15 2015 20:04:42
AKchenAKchen awesome flow

October 15 2015 19:29:04
bleymehlbleymehl 7th floor, please :)
Very nice!


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