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Still aiming of making a progressive style track but ending up creating some power metal I think. intro - 120 bpm 4/4 00:00 - 00:20 2nd - 140 bpm 4/16 - 4/4 00:21 - 3:00 3rd - 131 bpm 3/4 3:01 - 4:49 HD guitar track has a click track


Oh yes, now we're talking! This is going to be tough! Superb stuff, Kenny. So many good changes, a bit of tongue in cheek and some serious powerful rifferey. Definitely all the ingredients of some proper prog metal!+3
October 16 2015 08:10:07
kennyadry Thank you Martin! For some reason I am still struggling playing only a click track with an odd time signature,..click track never replace a great drummer particularly in progressive styles. Looking forward to what you can bring on the table ! :) +0
I think you've created a new genre here Kenny ... Spanish Metal !! ;)
Fantastic my friend !! :)
October 16 2015 08:14:10
kennyadry Spanish would be great :) Thank you Rob!It's a pleasure you like it my friend :) +1
Oh dude, this is killer... well built... it's an opera... excellent !!+1
October 16 2015 08:04:48
kennyadry Thank you so much Psycho. Thinking about it yeah it do sounds like one :) +0
Haha, completly power metal over there :P Sounds like my some of my band tunes :)
That sounds brilliant :)
October 16 2015 08:07:03
kennyadry That's great to know Ikko :) I've been listening a lot to Angra, Symphony X and X-japan before,.so probably they've been ringing all over my head :) +1
October 16 2015 11:14:06
Ikko Defenitly :) here I'd say there's more a touch from X Japan, for the early overdubs :)
I really like the way your make your guitar phrases, makes the sound very intense :)
Excellent! then comes 4:20 onwards wow! I sooo hear a full orchestra accompaniment on this.+1
October 16 2015 08:11:08
kennyadry Thank you Franky :) Yeah I hope violins, ceilos, trumpets, sax will be encourage to join even if it sounds metallic. +0
Great guitaring my friend. classy! :)+1
October 16 2015 08:11:26
kennyadry Thank you Adu! :) +0
Who is the Boss ?
A lot of pictures in chain, unbelievable magic box where there are all ingr├ędients for a magistral cooking.
All is at the right place and you tell us your story
October 16 2015 08:12:30
kennyadry Great to know that you likened it to a magic box Uncle Tof :) Wikiloops encourages me to tell stories :) +0
Love it!!:)+1
October 16 2015 08:14:36
kennyadry Thank you Jeebsie :) +0
What a killer!:)+1
October 16 2015 08:14:48
kennyadry Thank you Ake :) +0

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