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Kenny, Kenny, Kenny... This template is epic, pushing every creative boundary I can find. What a fantastic slab of power/prog/metal you've created here. Incredibly challenging but brilliant.

I sat down to this worried that I just couldn't come up with something. In the end, it went really, really smoothly requiring only a few punch-ins for bits and pieces. I so utterly enjoyed letting rip at this tune of yours. I hope I've done it the justice you were hoping for. God knows how many licks I got through - most of my repertoire, I think!

No laughing at my double pedal work. I know it's clumsy and awful. It's just not something I've really sat down and tried to perfect. Hey ho.


No reverb on the HD drums.

P.S. Use Kenny's HD download - the click is *very* helpful. Then swap the original MP3 back in once you're happy.


August 07 2016 00:22:38
GemmyFGemmyF GREAT Drums Martin!!!!

April 07 2016 09:38:13
famineenimfamineenim I still go back to this. really good.

November 29 2015 03:13:52
PedersenPedersen Haha this is great man! i'm loving how it goes from "funny" music into this hard rock feel! awesome job guys!

November 08 2015 00:55:36
HaffastHaffast Holy cow! ! This track is AMAZING! Wow! And your drums.... Man, they sound like they were there all along!

Amazing love of music!

November 02 2015 15:49:29
scythscyth Was looking for a progressive rock backing tracks online, and I stumbled here, immediately signed up with this site...This is truly awesome!
+2 November 03 2015 03:41:32 scythmpointon
Thank you, scyth! Glad you like it and, of course, any ideas you have are always very welcome. We're mostly amateurs here, so muck in :) There's a few prog tunes here, look under 'jazz rock' in the genres.

If you want to mess with funny times, theres, #41141 for starters. More adds always welcome!
October 29 2015 06:16:42
famineenimfamineenim Awesome!

October 20 2015 13:33:14
paalmanpaalman Very wow

October 19 2015 18:01:42
Jedi_KnightJedi_Knight Amazing!! Very very awesome!!

October 18 2015 19:28:59
akethesnakerakethesnaker WOW! Just WOW!

October 18 2015 17:43:32
aleonzaleonz you two just such a joy to listen, this track from Kenny just like a playground...your drums just flowing through all perfectly Martin...WOW!


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