Fly By Night Into The Limelight

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Used a 1974 Ashly SC40 preamp with two diodes soldered on the effect send. The send then is looped back.This clips the distortion thus giving the "Geddy Lee " signature tone as well as Jack Bruces tone. Other then that no effects were used other then a Gibson Thunderbird.


October 25 2015 02:59:17

October 20 2015 17:44:43
Haha added this to my new Playlist supercool, really classic record stuff!! KILLER ☺☺

October 20 2015 17:40:31
Wow great rush feel how cool is this YES!! Super tone and bass!!

October 20 2015 16:50:12
Killer bass, man! Perfect addition! Love it!

October 19 2015 19:44:26
Lenny CowlerLenny Cowler
perfect ride:)

October 19 2015 14:50:26
Very nice mate

October 18 2015 23:32:46
Great bass.
+1 October 19 2015 03:22:16 Girard Relativity
Thanks Man!
October 20 2015 01:22:22 Girard Girard
You are good enough to go on tour. Really. Some of these bass adds you have been doing are top tier playing, outdoing a lot of even famous songs :)
October 20 2015 01:26:21 Girard Relativity
Thanks! Hey checkout Dreamrat , hes new here and a cool friend.He has three songs already and smoking it! Hes awesome!
October 20 2015 01:30:03 Girard Girard
I will
October 20 2015 01:33:21 Girard Relativity
Hes a cool guy in real life.
October 20 2015 01:35:53 Girard Girard
I'm going through a phase of feeling bad about my playing so I'm sure checking him out won't help but I will check him out.
October 20 2015 01:38:02 Girard Relativity
Add to his songs. Hes not bass. Your killing it buddy. Its all in your head. Look at your comments and hits. You would have more hits even if only you post late at night. No worries. Figure out what kind of genre would excite you and work on it a bit. You can do it.
October 20 2015 01:39:58 Girard Relativity
Or do what I just did. Step back and play some songs of artists you like. Figure the songs out. It will inspire you and break you out of the routine.
October 20 2015 01:39:59 Girard Girard
Thanks for that, I will see what he has
October 20 2015 02:06:03 Girard Relativity
You just rode a massive creative streak and look what you accomplished. It doesnt last forever, you have to recharge a bit. Try figuring out some songs and within a week youll be fresh again. Playing to record or cd will help alot with creativity. Youll be confident once you figure out a famous song or two.
October 20 2015 02:25:44 Girard Girard
Thanks, good idea maybe just jamming to good songs for a warmup could help.
October 20 2015 02:29:43 Girard Relativity
Go carve a pumpkin with the kid then do a riff about Big F'ing Pumpkins.
October 20 2015 02:30:50 Girard Relativity
Your just going thru a "Everything I do is shit " phase. Its normal. Step away is the only cure and come back.
October 20 2015 03:02:43 Girard Girard
Yeah I took last night off which was tough. I think you have inspired me for my run tonight.
October 20 2015 04:21:57 Girard Relativity
Cocaine ..lots of it works good as well.
October 20 2015 04:22:30 Girard Relativity
Ask any rock star.It helps the "creativity".
October 20 2015 04:28:20 Girard Girard
lol we all have our methods :D
October 18 2015 22:59:10
Great bass! sounds awesome
+1 October 19 2015 03:22:30 KMstar Relativity
Thank you , KM!
October 18 2015 20:01:30
So pleasing to my ears😎
+1 October 19 2015 03:22:42 Jeebsie Relativity
Thanks , Jeebsie!
October 18 2015 19:41:19
Which means you built your own rectifier? Great bass sound and playing Rel :)
+1 October 19 2015 03:28:04 Psycho Relativity
Yes, it is a clipping /gain circuit. Its really simple and Marshalls have that circuit as well as Gallien Kruegers. Two diodes in parallel and pointing opposite from one another. Its a natural distortion that is then smoothed. Very old trick. There is a device for guitar called a Stu Mac black Ice. , it is the same thing.
October 19 2015 03:32:06 Psycho Relativity
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