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Blues, folk-music, cream, lyrics


December 01 2015 16:31:59
frenziefrenzie Cool! Nice lyrics as well :)

October 20 2015 11:54:32
KeitonKeiton Great stuff :)

October 20 2015 01:58:24
garymcmillgarymcmill Awesome!

October 19 2015 22:59:50
MarceysMarceys Cool singing man!
+1 October 19 2015 23:08:08 MarceysMarceys
Yeah, this place is really cool! There are so many tracks here... You can always find something you like and can add to! Enjoy it here and It would be great to,hear you on one of the tracks!
October 19 2015 23:05:28 MarceysNicciavell
Thanks dude, not a musician like you, but it would be fun lay some guitars or song ideas to your music. Just trying to find my way around this site. :-) So far it is like a great playground. Love it.
October 19 2015 23:13:19 MarceysNicciavell
Thanks mate, let do something fun together. Keep on posting your great music.
October 19 2015 22:51:03
NicciavellNicciavell Don't you guys have someone on this site that can sing and just use the lyrics? I'm very new to this and maybe I'm asking too much. Sorry in advance. But I really like the guitars in this song.

October 19 2015 17:30:53
BassCookBassCook Nice first one, Nicciavell. Welcome to the loops :)
+1 October 19 2015 21:04:14 BassCookNicciavell
Thanks! See u around!
October 19 2015 10:32:06
NicciavellNicciavell Thanks guys, not a singer, but loved the feel of the song.

October 19 2015 09:56:02
AcousticegAcousticeg Enjoyed your vocals and lyrics. Welcome to Wiki.

October 19 2015 06:54:29
OliVBeeOliVBee nice soft vocals :) welcome onboard !

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