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This template is actually from a private recording I did for a 'Looper and he's been kind enough to allow me to re-use my take as a template on the public Loops. I like the pattern I created for his track, a kind of '50 Ways' line but without the snare rolls, etc. Something a bit different but still a useful beat.

Hope you guys find it useful. Enjoy.

NOTE: The tempo is actually 75.835 bpm after I synced it up with ...


Cool :)+1
October 20 2015 04:54:13
mpointon Thanks, man. It's weird listening to it without the track I originally added to! +2
OK, have set my brain to 75.835 BPM. Lovely lilt to this one.+1
Sultry & inspiring drums...!+1
Great tone mpointon :)+1
this is lovely martin!+1
Thank you MPointon. What a great canvas to paint on! My brain is going crazy with possibilities.+1
August 02 2016 10:46:53
mpointon Thank you TromBbilly! I'm so glad you like it! :) +0
muito bom trabalho+1
great Martin+0
your drums always great to enjoy with or without any other instrument Martin!+0
this is good+0

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