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I always feel like there is a lack of expressive words to use when I try to comment on your music. I can not put into words how it makes me feel because such powerful words don't exist. This was exquisitely divine, Dear Marc. Relaxing, beautiful, stress relieving. We should realize how lucky we are to have such a great pianist/composer here with us at the Loops. Thank you for sharing this magnificent part of you, with us. Sending us off to heaven again, Dear friend! :D+5
October 20 2015 22:46:58
Liesching I´m very glad you like it, dear Kelly. You know whom this one is dedicated to ;) +1
October 21 2015 01:50:56
KellsBells Honored, my friend. :) +1
you know.. this is just great... the orchestra they could put together from all these talented people here.. wow..+2
October 20 2015 22:03:03
Liesching Thanks a lot, blu! +0
Encore Encore !!!!+2
October 20 2015 22:08:02
Liesching Merci, Cody! +1
Thank you Marc...+2
October 20 2015 22:37:05
Liesching I´ll have to thank you for the listen, Rob! +1
I'll second that emotion. The sound, dynamics, and feel of the playing are so healing. Definitely an addition to my 'Liesching' CD collection.+2
October 20 2015 22:47:30
Liesching Thank you very much, MP! +0
I have some questions:
"Do you feel the same emotions than us when you are playing your own music?"
"Are there some tears drop on the keys, wet eyes and nose, goosebumps?"
"Do you close your eyes?"
This one is so slow and "rich", a touch of sadness but Beauty wins vs melancholy
October 20 2015 23:03:22
Liesching Yes, probably!
Not too often :)
Thanks, my friend. The intention of this one was to calm down a special friend and to give some rest while listening :)
I agree with Kellsbells...we are lucky to have such a great pianist/composer here with us at the Loops. I listen to your music when I need to sit back and find a positive perspective when I'm feeling the weight of the world. Thank you for sharing your beautiful music with us.+2
what we all need from time to time...is a little peace Marc, lovely listen :)+1
October 20 2015 22:07:13
Liesching True, dear Shi! Thank you very much for listening. :) +1
Got rid of all my stress immediately after hearing you play! Great great job Marc! :)+1
October 20 2015 22:08:30
Liesching This makes me glad. Thank you Marc! +1
October 20 2015 22:08:37
Liesching Thanks, F! +0
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