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A bit out of my comfortzone but that is the coolness of WikiLoops....

Thanks guys, I had a great time playing on this track....

Did some different synths here and ended with a piano...



August 07 2016 00:26:35
GemmyFGemmyF Playlisted--GreatJams

October 23 2015 20:58:59
dimeomaxdimeomax Wow..cool!!

October 23 2015 09:31:14
kennyadrykennyadry I was able to find a way to download it. and ergo! Lovely chords at the beginning. I never thought majored or minored 7th chord (or something) would sound so beautiful with that. Love the soft touch of the piano on the fourth section, makes it prepare for the intensity. So grateful for your add Marc! :D
+1 October 23 2015 12:06:56 kennyadryMarceys
Gald you like it Kenny! You made a great track! it was irresistable to stay out of the way... your guitarline starting at 03:45 are so great! :) Thanks for the track man!
October 22 2015 14:27:42
mpointonmpointon Beautifully rich tones and patches, Marc! :) Really fills the soundscape massively. 0:21 is huge! :) :) You need to step out of your comfort zone more often!
+1 October 22 2015 15:18:07 mpointonMarceys
Thanks Martin! It was a good thing for me to try something like this! Great track!
October 22 2015 08:52:29
CountryboyCountryboy Marc, you can handle most genre of music I think and with panache ! :)
+1 October 22 2015 09:26:53 CountryboyMarceys
Don't know bout that, but I sure do enjoy it! :)
October 22 2015 08:47:49
CountryboyCountryboy I say City Boy! Kudos to everyone ! :)

October 22 2015 06:43:33
LieschingLiesching Now this is awesome! Sounds like this is another comfort zone of yours, Marc!

October 21 2015 22:18:42
earlstevenearlsteven killertrack, well pushed

October 21 2015 12:15:52
Lenny CowlerLenny Cowler awesome:)

October 21 2015 09:52:58
CKArmstrongCKArmstrong Fully padded out! Nice add with a lot of fullness :) Very lush.
+1 October 21 2015 10:45:44 CKArmstrongMarceys
Thanks CK! Your bass was very steady and Helped me to stay in the slipstream of the track! :)
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