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Remix step #4 (playing)


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Well Alrighty Then....
Gibson Thunderbird with EMG PICKUPS.
ASHLEY SC 40 Preamp from 1974 with gain set to "11" then out to a little itty bitty 110 watt Gallien Krueger backline then out to the Fostex 16 channel.


November 14 2015 23:50:40
Oh, Wow - Powerhouse!

October 25 2015 17:13:19
+0 October 25 2015 20:59:30 akethesnaker Relativity
Thanks Ake!
October 25 2015 02:38:27
+1 October 25 2015 20:59:16 k9 Relativity
Thank you K9!
October 24 2015 03:02:11
Wowy! How the heck do you do that!! :)
+1 October 24 2015 03:02:56 piper piper
Killer job R
October 24 2015 22:32:15 piper Relativity
That is all the practice Im getting on Wikiloops with you fine musicians! Thank You!
October 24 2015 00:03:29
You are a master of killerbass sounds! would love to hear you in a powertrio setting, your lines somehow also remind me of the old RAVEN bassplayer if you dont mind me saying ;-)
+1 October 24 2015 02:40:10 frenzie Relativity
Thanks my friend! Had no idea who Raven was and saw the "on and on" video! Yes its a compliment! Id have to say John Paul Jones is my biggest influence as well as Motown. I used to be pro studio musician for a well known DJ. I also did lots of commercials for Kraft Macaroni. What your hearing is the result of playing my ass off in redneck and trucker bars when I was 14 years old and they would throw glass bottles at you if you sucked. You learn really quick how to play live.
I play 5 instruments but Bass is my passion. Thanks for the compliment, very appreciated.
October 23 2015 20:06:47
Wow, what a wall of sound... killer bass :)
+1 October 23 2015 20:24:18 Psycho Relativity
Thanks , I was in one of those moods!
October 23 2015 13:22:08
Very very very good bass ride Relativity !!!
+1 October 23 2015 20:24:44 Evilvince Relativity
Thank you, Vince. Please see the reply I left Basster below.
October 23 2015 13:12:58
This sounds AWESOME! That tone is killer! Thanks for this add! Sweet!
+1 October 24 2015 06:52:21 Haffast Relativity
My last comment was a quick reply. I meant to say your guitar leads were soaring. You were on fire and it was very contagious.Nice job. Really!
October 24 2015 07:24:22 Haffast Haffast
Wow! Thank you very much! I really appreciate that! And your bass on this was just brutal! Awesome!
October 23 2015 11:29:45
Perfect metalbass and an evil tone!! Awesome!!
+1 October 23 2015 20:28:15 Basster Relativity
Ive always been a rocker and did my time playing clubs back in the day and I know you think Im kidding but Ill say it again...I owe my metal chops after 25 years to inspiration listening to you and Evilvince.
October 23 2015 10:02:46
Really hot metal! I've always been impressed with the power and tone of your bass playing! Fantastic Joe! :)
+1 October 23 2015 20:21:18 Stef Relativity
Thanks , Stef!

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