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Came up with this simple background that seems to work for this tune.


October 30 2015 10:24:07
MorganLeFeyMorganLeFey super

October 26 2015 10:56:03
amandoamando gran composiciòn y sonido!!
+1 December 08 2015 01:35:09 amandoAcousticeg
Gracias por escucharme. Me gusta su música.
October 26 2015 00:16:51
WadeWade Your great technique is always in the service of music rather than ego. This is terrific music with drive, purpose and a strong point of view. Still getting so much out of it after a bunch of listens...playlisted.
+1 October 26 2015 01:11:11 WadeAcousticeg
Thank you so much for the comment about ego. I've had problems working with other guitarist for that very same reason. For me it has always been about the music first, having fun with it and just for the love of playing.
October 26 2015 04:36:02 WadeWade
That love of music is just so obvious. I don't know you, yet have a sense that music must be a big part of your life.

There are some great technical players out there, but most have little to say musically...more like children just trying to get attention/praise.

Your abilities and time put into practice/learning are obvious, yet not the focus of the music...thus the comment about being "in the service of the music".

Eyes may be the window to the soul for visual situations. Music in this context is the window to your soul.
October 26 2015 00:05:11
HaffastHaffast Dude! I love this tune and your tone! Beautiful work on this! Love where it goes at about 1:05 !!!

Santana-ish with some badass soloing in there! And harmonies!

LOVE this! :)

+2 October 26 2015 01:00:10 HaffastAcousticeg
I used my GT-3 to get that tone on this. The GT-10 I use most often has so many more features. But I think the GT-3 has some really great tones you can't get on the 10. Thanks very much for the listen.
October 26 2015 01:03:47 HaffastHaffast
It sounds fantastic! Thanks for sharing so I could listen!

The only thing better than your tone was how you played it!
October 25 2015 22:50:32
texassontexasson Love the layers on this!
+2 October 26 2015 00:55:45 texassonAcousticeg
I did layer this more than most stuff I do. Thanks
October 25 2015 17:40:29
akethesnakerakethesnaker Man your pick is burning:) Great playing! By the way pick in swedish is slang for penis:D
+2 October 26 2015 00:54:32 akethesnakerAcousticeg
Thanks for the info. I'll be sure when in Sweden not to ask for a pick!!! lol!
October 25 2015 07:59:17
PsychoPsycho Quite a production AC... kudos buddy :)

October 25 2015 06:15:53
Lenny CowlerLenny Cowler very good track:)

October 25 2015 02:03:18
RelativityRelativity Nice ! Love the multitrack! 1:29 is amazing!
+1 October 25 2015 03:38:39 RelativityAcousticeg
That's cool about knowing Ronnie Platt. A great musician and vocalist. But I have to say that my favorite of the Kansas Vocalist remains Steve Walsh. The covers I did were mostly from their early albums, Leftoverture Point of Know Return Song for America and Masque.
October 25 2015 03:57:26 RelativityRelativity
Steve Walsh couldnt do it anymore. His voice is toast. There wasnt any animosity. He just couldnt do it any more.Ronnie was and is very worried about being accepted.
October 25 2015 04:09:45 RelativityAcousticeg
He will do a great job I'm sure and get the gig. Very few vocalist can sing with the range that Steve did night after night concert after concert. It takes a heavy toll. After all he is 64 now.
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