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OliVBee602 jams Supporter
Remix step #3 (playing)
New Zealand


Wade375 jams Supporter
+ 26
Great track from OliVBee added to by Liaanderforu. I just finished playing a festival in a gypsy swing band, so this is my segue back to the loops. 1st half on tenor, 2nd on sopranino.


May 31 2017 20:48:00
Yesss, have just found this fantastic track, that sounds really great !! You play your instruments with a lot of feeling and a fantastic approach!
+1 June 19 2017 07:30:34 Pewi Wade
Thanks Pewi. Sorry it took so long to see your comment. Have been out of communication for three weeks. Will take a while to catch up with all.
October 28 2015 12:00:15
I´m in awe! This is THE perfect addition to OliVs and Lizs fantastic template. Playlisted!
+1 October 28 2015 23:10:49 Liesching Wade
Ah shucks, now I'm embarrassed again. Thanks Marc.
October 26 2015 21:29:21
very great and crazy and loveley
+1 October 26 2015 22:14:40 earlsteven Wade
I like Crazy-lovely! Thanks Earlsteven big smile for your comment.
October 26 2015 20:54:13
love the interplay here, i like the contrast between the two parts,the tenor is kind of laid back and mellow and then that sopranino is a little bit cheeky, nice work Wade :)
+1 October 26 2015 22:13:39 Shi Wade
Thanks Shi for the listen and compliment. Those instruments certainly have personalities which this fine track from OliVBee Lizanderforu made it easy to exploit.
October 26 2015 20:07:48
Nice job - thanks :)
+1 October 26 2015 22:10:03 Lizanderforu Wade
All thanks to you and OliVBee for this wonderful track. Really enjoyed.
October 26 2015 19:02:13
Lenny CowlerLenny Cowler
This song is right for you, excellent my friend:)
+1 October 26 2015 22:09:28 Lenny Cowler Wade
I know you're right...but it's because I'm old enough to have this sound in my head from the first time around. This style is a museum piece for most.
October 26 2015 11:23:16
Imagining you sit on the side of the caravan, after the show set up under the moonlight, and that playful part just put a big big smile on my face!
+1 October 26 2015 22:07:52 aleonz Wade
Lovely picture...fact is I live so close to the festival I go home at night...but there was a beautiful big moon!
October 26 2015 10:39:23
Wade my man, agree 100% with Psy. Love this one!! Great !!
+1 October 26 2015 22:06:05 frankyguitar Wade
Thanks Franky! It certainly was fun to do. A style I don't play that much, but I guess must be stuck in my head.
October 26 2015 10:15:33
Well, isnt this just a classy little number !! Beautiful playing Wade :)
And great song all round ! :)

+1 October 26 2015 22:04:55 RobM Wade
A very "old fashioned" approach that once in a while (because it's so far removed?) can sound fresh. Thanks Rob for the listen and comment.
October 26 2015 09:41:33
very nice playing :)
Bravo to the two saxs :)

+1 October 26 2015 22:03:10 Phénol Wade
Thanks Phenol. Appreciate the listen and comment.

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