On &On Das Ende

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I added more depth to the string sections, polished the vocals..I promise this is the last one...What can I say it was a fun project to tinker around with..I like a challenge to grow and to hopefully improve. Hopefully this one is better than the last :)


October 26 2015 09:17:38
LieschingLiesching Now this is perfect! Stunning what you did on this simple piano piece... so many tasteful ideas. Thanks dear P!
+1 October 26 2015 12:12:03 Lieschingpiper
Thank you so much M.! :D so happy you like it. Just loved this comp. of yours :) looking forward to another one of your beautiful pieces :)
October 26 2015 03:01:43
WadeWade Good that you've kept the integrity of Marc's wonderful template so present and forward. Lots of ideas in this. I've been stuck trying to think of something that would turn out as good.
+1 October 26 2015 03:42:39 Wadepiper
Thank you so much Wade, for the huge compliment. That means a lot to me coming from you :)
October 26 2015 01:31:05
PsychoPsycho You can add one more... go for it chick :) it's getting better and better, can't stop now... what would Mr. Bond think ??
+1 October 26 2015 03:43:32 Psychopiper
Aww, thank you P, but I think I'm all set with this for now ;)
October 25 2015 23:55:25
ROBJOLROBJOL Pro stuff with exceptionnal artists. Things are getting wild on wikiloops.
+2 October 26 2015 03:47:40 ROBJOLpiper
Yes, Marc is an amazing talent. Thank you so much Rob for the compliment it truly appreciated :)
October 25 2015 22:06:33
GirardGirard or a movie or anywhere
+1 October 25 2015 22:08:28 Girardpiper
I'll try to get on later for some fun ;)
October 25 2015 22:11:16 GirardGirard
i'm sure I will see it!
October 25 2015 22:05:48
GirardGirard If this came on the radio, or was being played in a restaurant, I would not question it.
+1 October 25 2015 22:07:53 Girardpiper
Cool! I know, I got a little obsessive with this one. LOL, I had to make it right before I moved on.

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